A Perfectly Retro Fitted Navigation in a BMW 3 E90-91-92

We can fully install (retrofit) a double din sat nav system into the BMW e90 E91 E92, the finish is superb. We fully integrate with the original steering wheel controls (including the phone button to answer call!). All factory parking sensors continue to work. And most important the car will NOT HAVE any errors on the diagnostic systems when you visit BMW for a service. This is very important as no updates or servicing of car can be completed if installed incorrectly!

We have a video on YouTube that clearly demonstrates how this installation would look and work in your BMW. Click HERE to see it in action!

BMW 3 E90-91-92 Click to view BMW 3 E90-91-92

Customer required a navigation system for his 2010 BMW 3. We installed a state of the art Pioneer Touch-Screen system that included:

  • radio
  • CD
  • DVD
  • Mp3
  • iPod
  • Video iPod
  • iPhone 5, 6, 7
  • Spotify
  • Bluetooth
  • Media music streaming
  • Navigation/Traffic Feed and more!

Issues encountered on BMW vehicles when removing original radios include: rear parking sensors, steering wheel controls and heated seats failing to work, and the BMW diagnostic systems having errors which stop any possible servicing work.


And therefore...

* Steering wheel controls will work with the new radio including the phone button.

* Rear/front parking censors will continue to work.

* Your heated seats will continue to work!

* And finally, we reprogram the car so that any future BMW work will have no issues with errors, making warranty and servicing work hassle free.


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