BMW X5 folding Mirrors

Make: BMW

Models: ALL 1,3,5,6,7 series + X & Z cars

Misson: Coding folding mirrors via remote 


Cartronics can now code your BMW to automatically fold the mirrors via the remote control key, functions include automatic open and shutting of folding mirrors when opening and closing doors via remote fob. Also we can de-activate the speed dependant control for the folding mirrors, so you can open the mirrors whilst driving at any speed. And we can also code comfort closing, this enables you to open ALL the windows (sunroof) via the remote control key & shut all the windows via the BMW remote key fob. 


BMW X5 E70 folding mirrors via remote control Click to view BMW X5 E70 folding mirrors via remote control
closed Click to view closed
open Click to view open

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