Bluetooth Hands Free Car Installations

Bluetooth hands free installation for your car
If you want to make calls or operate your radio and iPod whilst on the move then ‘Handsfree’ is the only way to go.  If you didn’t specify Bluetooth as an option on your car, you’ve bought a car without it fitted or the Bluetooth set-up you’ve currently got isn’t up to scratch; Cartronics can make it possible for you to stay connected whilst on the move.
Cartronics can install Bluetooth Hands Free Kits in all makes of cars and we’ll fit it as per factory specification. We can fully integrate your mobile phone, so it can be controlled from your steering wheel or original radio screen if functions are installed.
   Parrot Bluetooth installations    
We are official distributors for mObridge and are Certified Parrot Dealers. We specialise in seamless installation using quality components, fitting your new system while still leaving your car in its original condition and our in-house diagnostics mean your car is fully coded and you’re ready to go ‘Handsfree’ & 'legal' as soon as you pull away.

We can also install any special requests or install your own equipment pop in for a quote.
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Recent Bluetooth installations include:


Maserati Bluetooth and Audio Upgrade

See what we did with this gorgeous Maserati Quattroporte's audio.

Jaguar XK parrot mki9200

Parrot phone system installed in a Jaguar XK - Take a look.

BMW Mini F56 retrofit Bluetooth and Aux Function

Original Bluetooth system retrofit for this BMW Mini F56

Porsche Cayenne 2 7P5 retrofit Bluetooth

No Bluetooth in your Porsche Cayenne? We can retrofit as per factory + Apple CarPlay and Nav.

Ford Fiesta parrot asteroid mini

Parrot Aesteroid system installed into a Ford Focus. Lots of great features: Read more.

VW Golf mObridge M2Can -Lite VW

Upgrade your VW's audio with the latest mObridge VW Lite and Cartronics.

F31 BMW Bluetooth

Factory Bluetooth fitted to BMW 3 Series - retrofit as per factor including streaming via A2DP - take a look.

Volvo XC60 Parrot DAB

Bluetooth streaming and hands free added to this Volvo whilst keeping the orginal controls - read more.

BMW 5 retrofit BT

Factory Bluetooth installed in this BMW, take a look at what we did.

Lexus SC430 Pioneer double din

Your Lexus SC430 navigation and radio system are due for an upgrade - see what we can do.

XC90 Pioneer double din

If you have a Volvo XC90 with a faulty ICM, Cartronics can replace it with a Pioneer touchscreen system - loads of features and touchscreen navigation - find out more.

Landrover Discovery 3 retrofit rear camera and Bluetooth

Your Discovery 4 retrofitted with a rear reversing camera. In house, same day, read more.

Porsche Pioneer Avic F60 DAB upgrade working with BOSE Stalk amp

Latest Pioneer SVIC-F60DAB added to this Porsche 911 means that it is Apple CarPlay ready - read more.

Porsche Boxster Pioneer Double Din Avic-f960dab

Apple CarPlay ready to go in this Porsche Boxster, read how we did it.

R8 Bluetooth System Retrofit

Audi 8 Retrofitted with the latest mObridge M2 Pro System - find out what that offers here.

Mini retrofit Bluetooth and USB

Bluetooth and USB fitted as per factory to this BMW Mini, find out more.

Parrot 9200 FORD Transit

We fitted a Parrot MK9200i to this Ford Transit, find out what we can do for you.

VW Scirocco Retrofit Bluetooth

This car was ordered without any factory Bluetooth (BT), we retrofitted the original bluetooth system to fully function via RNS-810 and factory steering wheel.

Range Rover Vogue Bluetooth kit fully integrated into touch screen display and steering wheel controls

On this Land Rover Vogue we added a mObridge Bluetooth system that fully integrates with factory controls.  No holes cut in the car and one happy customer.

Porsche Cayenne fully integrate iPhone with PCM

In this Porsche Cayenne we fully integrated an iPhone with the PCM system, the system allows full Bluetooth connection to the PCM, ending the need for the sim card in the front.  The end result is a beautifully designed Porsche and iPhone working in harmony.


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