Back to all news 27-02-2018 - Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser

Autowatch Ghost immobiliser is supplied and fitted by Cartronics.


Cartronics can install and program the immobilisation devise to your vehicle, providing you with a unique, personalised ‘PIN code’ so even with the keys, unauthorised persons and thieves are unable to start the vehicle — stopping them dead in their tracks.


In fact, criminals no longer even need the keys to steal your car. With technology, it is easy to hack into the car’s systems and control the vehicle without causing undue attention.


However, with the Autowatch Ghost immobiliser installed, you have an extra layer of protection from these types of attacks.


No more bulky, awkward steering wheel locks required!


Cartronics are based in Surrey, near London (just outside the M25). If you are interested in protecting your, please contact us for more information.


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