15-11-2016 - Porsche Android Auto

Porsche Android Auto
Android Auto in your Porsche is a great upgrade.   
manufacturer: Porsche
Upgrade your Porsche Macan Radio Navigation Sound System
Upgrade to your Porsche Macan's original sound system
manufacturer: Porsche
iPhone Integration in Porsche 911 (997)
Cartronics can install mObridge M2 Connect's in Porsche 911's. This allows customer's to play their iPhone's and iPod'sm as well as USB's in their Porsche CDR24 systems.   
manufacturer: Porsche
Cartronics can retrofit your Porsche Cayenne 2 with Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Navigation.
manufacturer: Porsche
Bring your Porsche in or send us the unit.
posted in Sat Nav systems
manufacturer: Porsche
Using full Porsche diagnostics to read and code all keys.
posted in Security
manufacturer: Porsche
Bluetooth, iPhone and USB just some of the features you will be able to control from your Porsche's original PCM system.
manufacturer: Porsche
Parts in stock for a fast turn-around and cost effective repair.
manufacturer: Porsche

11-03-2014 - Porsche Amp (ASK) Repair

Porsche Amp (ASK) Repair
If the sound package plus amplifier (ASK) on your Porsche is failing, Cartronics can diagnose and solve this common problem.
manufacturer: Porsche

07-08-2013 - PCM1 Repairs for Porsche

Send your faulty PORSCE PCM1 (made by Becker) to us for a 24hr turnaround REPAIR. Or Pop in for repair WHILST-U-WAIT 
manufacturer: Porsche
Cartronics are pleased to offer a full repair service to your Porsche PCM1 with the common issue of no display or DIM LCD display, we can repair these units fast (if not same day).  
manufacturer: Porsche

29-04-2013 - Porsche PCM 1

Cartronics can now repair your Porsche PCM1, if you have a dim LCD backlight we can repair this unit same day.
manufacturer: Porsche

07-03-2013 - Porsche heater repairs

"Setting sun" problem with some Porsche models. The heater control becomes faulty with some loss of functions. We can repair while you wait or send for a 24hr turnaround!
manufacturer: Porsche
Full in house repair service for Porsche PCM
Full repair service for your Porsche PCM (radio/navigation) system in house by our own engineers. Common faults include SIM tray broken, no sound, DVD error message, no power.      
manufacturer: Porsche
Full hands free control for the iPhone and controls for the iPod plus a full audio and speaker upgrade in a Carrera 4s.
manufacturer: Porsche
Now have your old radio or PCM replaced with a modern day Sat Nav system with iPod/Bluetooth/Speed cameras + lots more!

Fully integrates with the BOSE system.
manufacturer: Porsche
No more expensive trips to the main dealer, we can now code all module & update software levels in the above vehicles.

Add iPod
Add 6 CD changer
Activate Aux Input
Add Keys to cars
TV disable the security features so it works on the move.
manufacturer: Mercedes Benz |  Porsche |  Audi |  BMW

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