Our BMW BM54 amp repair service
Our BMW BM54 repairs are proving a popular choice for customers with a faulty amp. But did you know we can repair other BMW amps too?
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10-02-2012 - Becker BM54 repairs

Becker BM54 repairs
Becker BM54 is the name of the radio module found in the BMW X5 E53. After a few years  the units often start to develop audio faults and we have set up a special service with it's own BM54 repairs web site. We'll repair your BM54 whilst you wait or you can send it to us...
manufacturer: BMW
" I had a BMW with a radio tuner BM54 that had no sound & one or two speakers cut on and off. I removed my BMW tuner made by Becker model BM54, sent this to Cartronics GB byfleet (01932 800800) and after 24hrs they had repaired and sent back to me, amazing"

Yet another happy BM54 radio amp repair customer, with over 1000 units repaired the customers still get fast turnaround.

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manufacturer: BMW

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