Bluetooth, iPhone and USB just some of the features you will be able to control from your Porsche's original PCM system.
manufacturer: Porsche

21-10-2013 - mObridge DAB+

Now in it's final stages, mObridge DAB+ will allow owners of MOST bus based cars to seamlessly integrate DAB+ digital radio into their cars audio system.
manufacturer: BMW

01-08-2013 - mObridge pre-amps

mObridge DA1 (da1000) and DA2 (Da2000) MOST pre-amps are now working with Mercedes 2.5 systems
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manufacturer: Other Makes
iPhone 5 (ip5) is compatible with mObridge products
iPhone 5 (ip5) is compatible with mObridge products using the appropriate Apple adapter now available via Apple store.

We can now retrofit bluetooth into BMW CIC (hard drive) based cars including E90 E91 E92 E60 E61 E70 X5 X6 3series 5 series etc!
Full dealer fit option, installed to any car.

tags: mobridge
manufacturer: BMW

mObridge integrated bluetooth system in Land Rover Discovery 3, Freelander or Range Rover + Sport.

Click HERE to see this piece of kit in action on our YouTube channel.

If your Land Rover did not have bluetooth from the factory this unit will give you full integration into the manufacturers radio system. It fully emulates the Landrover system.

Also, if your Land Rover has bluetooth installed but it fails to work with your modern day phone (ie iPONE 4) you can replace it with this unit for full compatibility with current phone models and all future models.

We can install the mObridge Bluetooth model for you whilst you wait & if the car needs to be coded we have FULL dealer diagnostics so this can be done at the same time.

Email to book a time or buy kit here.

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manufacturer: Land Rover

The new mObridge pre-amps are now in stock and shipping with Mercedes and Porsche software, Audi & BMW will follow shortly.

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The new mObridge VW CAN product is now available, these units work on all VW cars with red or white MFD display and also the touch screen system if fitted. Fully integrates Bluetooth (parrot board) into the car as if fitted via factory.
Full use of steering wheel controls if fitted.

Buy NOW!

We can also install and code the car for telephone prep.

tags: mobridge
manufacturer: Volkswagen

  where can I get mObridge iPod in the UK? Try

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21-06-2008 - Now available - Mobridge

At last the now famous Mobridge adapters are available, you have two options. iPod or iPod & Bluetooth. These units work in the OEM manner with the cars original electronics and controls. Mercedes, Porsche, BMW,Saab,Volvo & many more, they work on the fast MOST cabling system for a perfect installation. The Bluetooth system use's the tried and tested Parrot Hardware Protocol for great phone compatibility & synchronization, and fully upgradeable.

We now have full dealer level diagnostics to code new modules to Porsche, Mercedes(Merc),Volvo,Audi & BMW. This includes iPods, or 6 disc CD changer coding (ie switching on the options), to full software upgrades to cars.

Trade Enquiries welcome.

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