Cruise Control fitted to most cars.
iPod integration with your existing Mercedes audio system.
We can now remap (chip) your ECU to deliver outstanding super performance.

What is ecu-remapping
ECU remapping generally is reprogramming the brain of the car for better performance.

As producers have to consider many different conditions and factors like temperature, air pressure, fuel quality (not every country has high octane fuel), the programming of the ECU software often is a compromise between performance and street legality in all countries. Also the software is made to make the car run even under 'unreal' conditions, that normally will never occur in your areas.

These factors still leave the possibility to optimize the factory setup. And this is what we specialize in, we can help you to make impressive performance gains without influencing your cars reliability.

03-05-2006 - RX8 Navigation Conversion

Keep that orignal screen working in your RX8, we can now convert this to UK spec.
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