We can now install new double din radios into RX8s > 2008 AND the new face lift 2008> models. We keep the original BOSE system working & full use of the steering wheel controls.

Its time to upgrade that old Jap radio!
manufacturer: Mazda |  Other Makes
We now stock & sell Fiscon Bluetooth units for Audi, VW, Mercedes & seat to integrate into the cars original MFD display or SAT Nav. Fully controlled via the steering wheel. The benifit of the Fiscon is the phones that work on these units are far more varied than the manufactures units, and FULLY updatable!

Come in store now or visit  www.caraudioexpress.co.uk or pop in the store.
in the wisdom of Apple, they have now changed the charging format on the new 3g iPhone, new Touch & New Nano (so far). If you have a car iPod adapter that will not charge we now sell adapters to solve this problem.

Now in stock at www.caraudioexpress.co.uk, or pop in the showroom.

  where can I get mObridge iPod in the UK? Try www.mobridge-ipod.co.uk

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If Superchips (byfleet) are closed come and see us as we are based in Surrey and can remap (chip) your car the same day!
If you have a Peugeot 406 that will not start (won't see the keys), or your windows, central locking, lights etc stop working. We can no fix these issues for you.
We can also supply & program all Peugeot Keys, for any vehicle.
manufacturer: Peugeot
We can now supply and program all Citroen & Peugeot keys, and supply key codes.
manufacturer: Citroen |  Peugeot
We can now supply an aux input lead (3.5mm) or iPod charge lead and aux input for the New Renault's with the Cabasse radio units.
We can now supply and code the remote keys for UK and japanese imports (jap).
manufacturer: Other Makes
We can now supply and code the remote keys for UK and japanese imports (jap).
manufacturer: Other Makes
We can now update you BMW to the highest level software coding, all modules or CCC-ASK -CCC-BO-CCC-ANT CCC-A CCC-GW. All options coded, aux on, ipod, bluetooth or MP3 enabled. Full fault reading and clearing is also available.
manufacturer: BMW
BMW 5series E60 E61 retrofit fit afterwards add seats change wiring make looms code seats active seats .

We can now retrofit BMW electric seats (active seats) to E60/E61, make new looms & code car so the seats work. This includes changing the main switch panel in the car.
manufacturer: BMW
We can now supply and fit an iPod adapter for the Mazda RX8, even if you have the 6 CD changer. You can also use the iPod (will not lock iPod).
manufacturer: Mazda |  Other Makes
All original Audi parts can now be supplied,  retrofitted & coded.
manufacturer: Audi
We can now retrofit BMW rear LED light clusters on the E46, and code the car to stop the lamp icons on the dashboard from lighting up.

Coding only service available.
manufacturer: BMW
We can now program and VAG cars. pop along and have your coding changed.
Most cars have options that are diabled or switched off! VAGCOM in SURREY now!

21-06-2008 - Aerial Atom

On this Aerial Atom the customer request full protection, so we have a RoadPilot camera detector mounted neatly  to the right of the wheel. We also installed a Laser parking sensors (some people use these to confuse laser guns!), which when activated gives you a warning via the on board helmet intercom system!. A rather cool system for a very cool car.

21-06-2008 - Now available - Mobridge

At last the now famous Mobridge adapters are available, you have two options. iPod or iPod & Bluetooth. These units work in the OEM manner with the cars original electronics and controls. Mercedes, Porsche, BMW,Saab,Volvo & many more, they work on the fast MOST cabling system for a perfect installation. The Bluetooth system use's the tried and tested Parrot Hardware Protocol for great phone compatibility & synchronization, and fully upgradeable.

We now have full dealer level diagnostics to code new modules to Porsche, Mercedes(Merc),Volvo,Audi & BMW. This includes iPods, or 6 disc CD changer coding (ie switching on the options), to full software upgrades to cars.

Trade Enquiries welcome.

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No more expensive trips to the main dealer, we can now code all module & update software levels in the above vehicles.

Add iPod
Add 6 CD changer
Activate Aux Input
Add Keys to cars
TV disable the security features so it works on the move.
manufacturer: Mercedes Benz |  Porsche |  Audi |  BMW
We can now supply & or program new remote keys for Nissan,LandRover & Rover. Coding for the keys are also available.
manufacturer: Land Rover |  Other Makes
Replace your original BMW radio or sat nav with a full double din package! Keeps all the orignal steering wheel controls & HK amp systems working.
manufacturer: BMW
We can now Re-Map the ECU on your Audi RS4 & RS6, more power,more torque & all top end speed limits removed. All Security screws replaced with original Audi Parts.
We can now retrofit the Parrot Bluetooth car kit into the Bentley GT, the display sits in the ashtray and is hidden when shut. We can also mute the car inoftainment system and place the call through the audio system.
Now your Blackberry or modern Nokia will work with the Bentley System!
manufacturer: Other Makes
We can now retrofit a sat nav system to the BMW range with I drive & built in colour screen, the I drive control is used to select the sat nav screen.
If you car was never fitted with sat nav, we can now fit this neat soloution.
manufacturer: BMW
We can now install the Parrot car kit (bluetooth) in the Saab range and use the original steering wheel controls! Neat, tidy & very functional.
We now supply and install the full range of Rosen AV7000 headrest DVD rear entertainment systems, installation available for most cars. Full integration with the car manufactures Audio systems(when an option), please call for more details.
We can now install double din units into any Mazda 2, all original steering wheel controls are kept working.
manufacturer: Mazda |  Other Makes

02-04-2008 - Mazda CX7

We can now delimit (de-limit) the top speed on the CX7.
manufacturer: Mazda |  Other Makes
We can now replace the original radio in the Volvo XC90, you can have a single din or double din unit. Full use of the original steering wheel controls are kept, why not add a Sat Nav with radio/DVD/iPod/Bluettooth the choices are endless.See the case study here.
We can now install the reversing camera to the Benltey GT to automatically intercept the infotainment system.
manufacturer: Other Makes
We can now enable the tv to work on the move on most Audi's including MMi cars, and most Mercedes cars. BMW's cars with or with out I drive are also available.
We can now reprogram the original VW key fob too one touch window roll up from the original key fob. Also other VAG COM coding for these new vehicles is also possible.
manufacturer: Volkswagen

25-02-2008 - BMW I-Drive Ipod systems

Full BMW iPod systems for the I Drive Systems.
manufacturer: BMW
Can now enable ALL BMW TV systems with including I Drive systems. Watch TV on the move.
We can now enable(activate) the AUX input on all BMW cars.
We can now install radios/sat nav into UK & Jap import Cx7. Keeping the steering wheel controls working. Also mileage correction on the CX7.
manufacturer: Mazda |  Other Makes

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