We can now convert the new X-type to have any aftermarket double din radio (sat nav etc) this includes keeping full integration with the steering wheel controls.
manufacturer: Other Makes
We can now offer the service for any Japanese Mazda 2 import to convert the speed fascia (no added modules) to MPH, we can also convert the trip to rad MPH & reset mileage if a new clock.

The perfect answer to the Mazda 2 import.
manufacturer: Mazda |  Other Makes
We can now retrofit any missed options on any BMW E71, including TV DAB CIC Heated seats HID + aux heating to name a few! All work is done to factory standard including all car coding and re-writing of the vehicle order.
manufacturer: BMW
We can now retrofit the heated seat option for all BMW cars listed (plus) more, all parts are BMW and will be no different than the factory option, this includes coding the car for heated seats and changing the vehicle order.
manufacturer: BMW
We are proud to present the distribution of the Vaistech iPod adapters including the new VML products, these are in stock in the UK and ready to ship. Installation service is also available.
manufacturer: Lexus
We can now de-activate (tv on the move) the security feature on ANY BMW with TV fitted, this means you can now drive the car and the passengers can still watch the TV!
We have been offering this service for some time but many cars over 2007 have been a problem(these cars normally require hardware). But we can now de-activate these via diagnostic / MOST port.

Service takes ONE hour and we need the car.

Includes all BMWs and late E60 E61 E70 E90 E91 E92 E93 PLUS MANY OTHERS !!!
manufacturer: BMW
We now have stock to the VW looking Pioneer sat nav system, looks like a VW radio BUT is a great feature packed Pioneer system. Once installed, we code the car and enable the original steering wheel controls to work with this unit! Looks great, can install whilst you wait.
manufacturer: Volkswagen
We can now offer full coding, retrofitting & software updates to ALL BMW & Mini cars including the new CIP (CIC-ASK) for the 2009 cars. We can also install any factory option that was not specified when ordering the car, costs will be more expensive than the option tick box - but all is possible to retrofit.

We can also code, or make looms as needed.

Also used and second hand parts are available.
manufacturer: BMW
mObridge only bluetooth units now shipping (MOST), works on Audi,BMW,Landrover,Mercededes,Porsche, SAAB.

see www.mObridge-iPod.co.uk

06-10-2009 - Landrover BLUETOOTH

We can now install bluetooth into the Land Rover to work via the Sat NAv touch screen.
manufacturer: Land Rover

06-10-2009 - Audi Remaps ECU 2007>

We can now REMAP all Audi cars including the latest 2007>models, power increase for the turbo cars will be 25% & petrol cars 10%. The drive is improved, more torque & loads of power.

We can also retrofit any Audi parts to your car, as if the car has left the factory with the parts installed.
manufacturer: Audi
We can now install any double din sat navigation system into the NEW R56 BMW Mini R56, this includes full integration. We keep the steering wheel controls working, the rear PCN (parking) working - ALL BMW amplification intact. The most important issue is the ability to keep the car original for all BMW service updates (via the OBD/MOST). Once we have finished the car can still go into the BMW garage and the BMW diagnostic kit will not read ANY ERRORS!!!

A nice looking job, full of features and no issues with cars servicing ability.
See link for pictures.
Don't forget we can CODE/RECODE & Retrofit most parts to BMWs and BMW Minis!
Regardless what you have been told by your local dealer.
manufacturer: Mini

We can now fully replace the radios in the above cars, keeping the stalk control & PCN (rear parking) working fully. We also have the ability to remove the original BMW radio and stop the car from reporting errors when the car is taken back to BMW for a service.
If you replace the  radio & attempt to get a service & software updates BMW diagnostic will say no! But we override this system, and the BMW diagnotics will work FULLY!

A very nice upgrade with no downsides.

We can also retrofit ANY parts to the BMW 1 & 3 series, as if it left the factory with them, EVEN if your local BMW dealer said NO!

See Pictures here.

manufacturer: BMW

Full Landrover diagnostic available, we can fault find the car or just reset the service light or ABS light.
Full engine re-mapping of the ECU is also available WITHOUT removing the ECU.

All Landrover retrofitting can be undertaken, as if the car had left the factory with the option.

manufacturer: Land Rover

The new mObridge VW CAN product is now available, these units work on all VW cars with red or white MFD display and also the touch screen system if fitted. Fully integrates Bluetooth (parrot board) into the car as if fitted via factory.
Full use of steering wheel controls if fitted.

Buy NOW!

We can also install and code the car for telephone prep.

tags: mobridge
manufacturer: Volkswagen

The new mObridge pre-amps are now in stock and shipping with Mercedes and Porsche software, Audi & BMW will follow shortly.


tags: mobridge
Now have the up to date touch screen sat nav system fitted in your BMW X5, fully works with steering wheel controls and amplifiers. Replace the old radio or BMWs old sat nav system for all the features of a 2009 system.
manufacturer: BMW
Now have your old radio or PCM replaced with a modern day Sat Nav system with iPod/Bluetooth/Speed cameras + lots more!

Fully integrates with the BOSE system.
manufacturer: Porsche
We can now retrofit heated seats & memory seats with wing mirror memory to all BMW E90/91/92/93 cars. All original BMW parts used and car is coded to factory for correct vehicle order when servicing.

cars up to 2009/2 * later cars to be added later.

Also have your iPod & iPhone hooked up to the Radio or Sat nav system on your car.
manufacturer: BMW
Audi A8, we can now retrofit to Audi factory standards the TV tuner to all A8's, this includes coding the car to factory spec.
manufacturer: Audi
Do you have the audi A3 with non double din fascia, we can now modify and retrofit any double din unit into these cars to factory standards. All original controls are integrated & BOSE systems retained.
manufacturer: Audi
We can now retrofit the BMW original HK (harman kardon) sound system to the BMW E46 3 series, this would be identical to the original factory option. The car is also reprogrammed to show the correct vehicle order for the HK system, and all modules of the car are coded enable correct sound quality as offered by BMW options.


We now repair all factory Lexus radios & CD changers (players).


Learn more by getting in touch with us directly. 

manufacturer: Lexus
We can now install the famous mObridge adaptere to allow full control of your iPod / iPhone via the BMW i-Drive system and the information is displayed on the CID display.

Sold, installed & coded.
If you replace your BMW radio with any second hand BMW radio we can code this to work with your car, or any other second hand modules you wish to replace.
manufacturer: Mini |  BMW
We can now fit a double din radio into any facelift Mini, we also code the car to allow all functions to work (ie wheel controls/HK/reversing sensors) so its very factory looking.
manufacturer: Mini |  BMW
If you have the new A6 with the new generation mmi-3 we can now convert the orignal system to bluetooth as it it came out the factory with it installed!

Many other retrofits available.
manufacturer: Audi

We now repair all original Peugeot radios or CD players in house, full test and decode or VIN recodes available.



manufacturer: Peugeot
Mount your iPod, charge you iPod and control your iPod from the landrovers steering wheels!  A great iPod kit for a great car.  Kit available or supply and fit.

09-01-2009 - Citroen C2 Peugeot 207

We can now install an aftermarket radio & keep the original cars trip computer working! no more loss of clock or information. we can supply the parts or install the radio & bypass for you.

Good news.
manufacturer: Citroen |  Peugeot
We can now Retro fit original Audi parking sensors into Audi A6 (4f) with full optical display. Other models also available (A3 A4 A5)
manufacturer: Audi
We can now replace the original OEM Mazda radio with any double din systems! This would keep ALL the existing steering wheels & Bose systems working.

Looks great & Sounds great!

This includes ALL Mazda RX8s including the NEW face lift model, UK or Jap specification.
manufacturer: Mazda |  Other Makes

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