Cartronics GB can now sell you a kit to install your iPOD/USB/AUX AMi system to any Audi with the later mmig system, this is used on many new 2009> cars including A6/Q7/A5/A4 etc.
Gives full playback of iPOD via Audi radio screen & mmi3g infotainment center.

We can also install this for you whilst you wait, if you contact us we can arrange to have the iPOD adapter fitted to your Audi MMi3g.
manufacturer: Audi
We now sell kits or fully install bluetooth hands free to Audi MMi3g cars, it would be the same as the original (if fitted ) from Audi themselfs. Cartronics can install the handsfree into your A6/Q7 or any Audi with mmi3g whilst you wait.

Give us a call to book.
manufacturer: Audi
All new Audi cars & BMW cars have tricore locked ECUs to try and discourage remaping, we can now unlock and tune all these cars for better performance/power and econemy.
manufacturer: Audi
If you have an Audi with MMi3g we can retrofit the original bluetooth system within 2hrs.
Please pop down with the car, or give us a call to book. Full Audi dealer tools and Vagcom available.
manufacturer: Audi

We can now repair your Toyota Navigation unit (including B9001) if you have DVD error, cannot read map or no radio we can repair!
All repairs done in house, for fast and accurate service.

manufacturer: Other Makes

We can now retrofit bluetooth into BMW CIC (hard drive) based cars including E90 E91 E92 E60 E61 E70 X5 X6 3series 5 series etc!
Full dealer fit option, installed to any car.

tags: mobridge
manufacturer: BMW
This custumer wanted us to create something unique, yet fully operational and efficient in regards to her navigational system. She was extremely pleased with the end result and has since come back into the shop to tell us how efficient it is to use.   
manufacturer: Mini

We have a video on YouTube that clearly demonstrates how this installation would look and work in your BMW. Click HERE to see it in action!

Customer required a navigation system for his 2010 BMW 3. We installed a state of the art Pioneer Touch-Screen system that included:

  • radio
  • CD 
  • DVD
  • Mp3
  • iPhone / iPod
  • Video iPod
  • Bluetooth
  • Media music, podcast, audiobook streaming
  • Spotify
  • Navigation/Traffic Feed and more!

Issues encountered on BMW vehicles when removing original radios include: rear parking sensors, steering wheel controls and heated seats failing to work, and the BMW diagnostic systems having errors which stop any possible servicing work.


And therefore...

* Steering wheel controls will work with the new radio including the phone button.

* Rear/front parking censors will continue to work.

* Your heated seats will continue to work!

* And finally, we reprogram the car so that any future BMW work will have no issues with errors, making warranty and servicing work hassle free.

manufacturer: BMW

mObridge integrated bluetooth system in Land Rover Discovery 3, Freelander or Range Rover + Sport.

Click HERE to see this piece of kit in action on our YouTube channel.

If your Land Rover did not have bluetooth from the factory this unit will give you full integration into the manufacturers radio system. It fully emulates the Landrover system.

Also, if your Land Rover has bluetooth installed but it fails to work with your modern day phone (ie iPONE 4) you can replace it with this unit for full compatibility with current phone models and all future models.

We can install the mObridge Bluetooth model for you whilst you wait & if the car needs to be coded we have FULL dealer diagnostics so this can be done at the same time.

Email to book a time or buy kit here.

tags: mobridge
manufacturer: Land Rover
Audi RNS-E sat nav made by Aisin navigation decode service, we can fully decode the Audi RNS-E ...
manufacturer: Audi
We can now offer the service to decode (or recode) the RNS510 VW units , also we can change the VIN number in the unit to match the car it will go into.
manufacturer: Volkswagen

We can install a 5'  touch screen full 3d sat navigation system into your spare space above the radio (see pictures) this looks very factory and works well.

We can supply the kit only or supply and install the system, it will fit into the Freelander 2 , Discovery 3 or Ranger Rover (sport). The kits are now ready to ship, if you need to retrofit navigation into the Landrover then this will be the answer you have been looking for.
manufacturer: Land Rover
We can retrofit the original Land rover navigation to the touchscreen unit, if the car was not specified with it from factory. We install the original system and bring it up to factory specification.
manufacturer: Land Rover
We can now supply the harness to retrofit your BMW 5 series E60/61/63/64 electric seats, with this lead you can then install seats. You will need knowledge to read electric diagrams of the car & the car will still need to be coded. If you require we can offer this service as well.
manufacturer: BMW
 We now have the BMW CIC USB cable that allows connection to the USB socket in the glove box & the CIC unit.  Not available from BMW so this great news. Buy here or call if you require a complete CIC retrofit for your BMW including all coding & software.
manufacturer: BMW
We can retrofit your BMW with DAB (digital radio), full service to supply, install & code the car. We can also update your BMW software if needed (or required).
manufacturer: BMW
We can now retrofit the BMW boot lid release button / option for the BMW X6 X5 E70/E71.
manufacturer: BMW
We can convert your BMW or Mini if shipped from another country, ie BMW Japanese or USA or Canadian cars can be converted to UK specification. We can convert the whole car back to UK or European spec, all the clocks, language & radio systems will be converted.

manufacturer: Mini |  BMW
If you have a BMW that needs voice activation activated or retrofitted we can help, even if the car has not had the option from the factory.
manufacturer: BMW

Now available the TBXE-T003 Kanatechs Mazda RX8 panels in the UK & Europe.
Please link to to buy & have delivered next day.
The only product that works with heater controls!

tags: RX8
manufacturer: Mazda |  Other Makes
Peugeot Citroen & Renault Diagnostics and Programming, we can now reprogram control modules & car ECU systems on all the cars above. We are based in Surrey and can reset, reconfigure all electronics on all theses cars. This includes new keys & remotes and BSI modules.
manufacturer: Peugeot |  Citroen
We can now retrofit the original BMW rear reversing camera as per factory fit. Full display on the CID (I Drive screen) with full lane assist.
manufacturer: BMW
We can repair faulty airbags.

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