Car Electrical Repairs & Installations

"Finding fault is an art"

We all know that car electrics can go wrong including your integrated  manufactures radio and computer systems. Maybe your car dealer has quoted you for a new radio or ECU module, but don’t panic we can repair. Cartronics have many years of expertise and experience which comes into its own on the occasions when faults appear, we will get your car fault repaired or module repaired.
Cartronics use dealer tools to enable full repair and diagnostics of many of today's complex car electronics systems. Many dealers will replace modules and radios in a random “guesswork” pattern, and after replacing units that oddly do not fix your problem expect you to still pay the bill. Cartronics diagnose your car and we always correctly pin point (not guess) the exact problem, we then quote and continue if you happy with the price.
Cartronics now have full Ford diagnostics systems including VCM 2. We can read all error codes, clear all faults and reprogram car units. We are able to trace faults on all Ford airbag systems and rectify.
New MOT conditions now mean ALL fitted electronics must be in working order to enable your car to pass its MOT. Cartronics can rectify all problems and get your car MOT ready.
Cartronics can repair radios, CD changers, ECUs, amplifiers, DSP units at our workshops. NO sending way units to third parties, we test we repair and always bench test units. Never expect a repair unless the company has testing facilities. 

Read more about our dedicated chip tuning and ECU remapping service here

Major car audio and CD units from any car manufacture including Audi, BMW, Citroen, Honda, Peugoet, Porsche, Toyota, Volvo & VW to name a few are all repaired in house – fast.
Our installation service covers anything electrical for your car, from a basic radio to a full blown audio upgrade system. We can install all factory options including bluetooth and navigation to name a few, Cartronics offers full coding facility's to enable and deactivate all functions available on your car (many that the dealers do not even know about ?).
So whether your electrics are causing you grief or you want to install something new, at Cartronics you really have come to the right place for all your car electrical repairs and installations.
Read about some of the recent cases we successfully took on and other electrical repairs and installations we do…

Merecdes S class amplifier repair

Faults on your Mercedes audio system? don't pay expensive dealer repairs - see what Cartronics can do.

BMW ASK Unit Repair

Radio controls need repairing on your BMW? Take a look at what we can do.

Volvo V70 repair

ANY Volvo ICM can be repaired by Cartronics - if you're having problems read on.

Rolls Royce Phantom Audio Repair

Take a look at how we sorted out this Rolls Royce's Audio Issues.

Lexus IS250 repair touch screenpanel

We can repair the touchscreen on your Lexus - take a look at this case study.

BMW 320i Rear entertainment system

Rosen DVD units installed into any car - see this perfect installation into a 3 Series BMW. 

VW Touareg modify VW towbar to charge

If your VW has an original towbar without the charging wire - don't worry we can modify it to charge your external fridge or other electrical.

Jaguar F Type retrofit original camera

Any Jaguar factory part retrofitted by Cartronics, a perfect finished project with no warranty issues.

Honda Civic radio repair

Honda Civic with a radio system problem? We have a full bench test unit so can fix the problem, first time and fast.

BMW Ask repair

Lost some or all of the sound from the radio/CD ASK unit in your BMW 7 Series? We can repair with a fast turnaround - read more.

Citroen C4 repair to reverse light

Reserving light problems on youe Citroen C4? We can repair at a fraction of the dealers cost.

Sabb 93 Radio repair

SAAB 9-3 with a faulty radio / CD or navigation - we can repair whilst you wait - read on.

Mercedes GL faulty Rear SAM

Another happy customer after we located and repaired the fault to this Mercedes rear lights - read on.

Honda Jazz window issues switch

Does your Honda Jazz have problems with the electric windows? we can help..

GM5 test rig

Full BMW diagnostics and bench test rigs make easy work of fault diagnosis for GM5 modules.

Evoque Xenon

Standard factory headlamp system on your Range Rover Evoque? upgrade to Xenon - find out more.

Merc C230 air bag fault

Using our full diagnostics we identified and repaired the fault on this Mercedes airbags.

Landrover Touch Screen

Landrover touch screen damage can be repaired - find out how we can help you.

VW polo central locking

Our full VAG diagnostics meant we were able to trace and repair the electrical fault on this VW Polo - read more.

Toyota Rav 4 engine management light on sensors

Engine lights on the dashboard of your Rav 4 can mean a problem and an MOT failure - read how we can help.

BMW E46 repair mirror

Faulty windows and folding mirrors on BMW E46: diagnosed, repaired and tested.

Add digital radio to a Audi TT

The customer wanted to remove his original Audi chorus radio and install an ALPINE DAB / iPOD/ Bluetooth radio.

To retrofit Audi 6CD changer in the glove box

To retrofit Audi 6CD changer in the glove box In this brand new Audi A6.

VW T5 Transporter install DRL into original panels

This VW T5 transporter is one of the first to have the “NEW” DRL (day time running light kits fitted), these kits look great. They are designed to fit in place of the blank panel in the T5 bumper, if you have front parking sensors it’s the panel with one sensor mounted into it.

LUX led headlights for a BMW X5 E70

We installed the LUX angel eye replacement lights in this BMW X5. You can see for yourself the difference in brightness that these excellent LED replacement headight give to the BMW. And they look much better too...

BMW DVD changer and enable TV on the move+ LED Angel light conversion

BMW X5 E70 2008

Mission: To install BMW DVD changer & enable TV on the move+ LED Angel light conversion.


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