Bluetooth Car Installations

Cartronics can integrate Bluetooth into your vehicle’s original factory systems with seamless precision.
If you want to make phone calls and operate your radio and iPhone / Android mobile phone whilst on the move, then a proper ‘handsfree’ system is the only way to go.  If you recently bought a car without the Bluetooth option or your current set-up is simply not up to scratch: Cartronics makes it possible for you to stay connected whilst on the move.
Parrot Bluetooth Installations

We are official distributors for mObridge and are Certified Parrot Dealers. We specialise in seamless installation using quality components, fitting your new system while still leaving your car in its original condition and our in-house diagnostics mean your car is fully coded and you’re ready to go ‘Handsfree’ & ‘legal’ as soon as you pull away.

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Some Bluetooth installations include: