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If you need quality ICE or AV installations for your Saab join customers from across the UK and bring your car to Cartronics. Find out how your iPod or iPhone should really sound in your Saab. CD quality audio, steering wheel controls, song and artist info displayed right on your radio. We also provide chip tuning for Saab. Get impressive speed and power gains for your later model (post 98) Saab. DVD installation, Sat Nav installations and all car kit integrations are also available for your Saab.

Examples of our work


Saab Aero Kenwood Radio Install & Upgrade

We installed a new Kenwood radio into this Saab Aero and ensured that the customer could carry on using his original Saab amplifier. We can do this on Saab 9-3’s and Saab 9-5’s. Features of this Saab installation included use of his iPhone, DAB Radio (digital radio), Bluetooth, hands free and fully integrated steering wheel controls.


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