Hardwired Dash Cameras

Nullify False Claims

Having a dash camera seamlessly fitted into your vehicle is the best investment you can make when it comes to driving.

BlackVue used to be the gold standard when it came to dash cams, but THINKWARE have certainly surpassed them with their latest offering — U1000 and Q800. These dash cameras can be seamlessly hardwired into your vehicle and help protect you from false claims and the hassle of unjustified insurance claims.

THINKWARE dash cameras have fast become the best dash camera systems available on the market as of 2023. They offer modern, low profile designs that are wonderfully sleek and discrete, making them perfect for all vehicles; from family SUV’s to supercars. They offer super clear images, both in bright and low lighting.

  • Provide evidence in event of an accident

  • Significantly reduces insurance costs

  • Protect from bumps & dents whilst parked

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Be Protected in QUAD HD

The Q800 offers both a double channel system (front and rear camera), as well as a single channel (front camera only). Both options are brilliant but having 2 channels versus 1 does provide more road coverage.

Capturing four times more than standard 1080p HD, the Q800 will show you every single detail in crystal clear form, fully reinforcing your account of events. This is consistent during both daytime and nighttime.

Night Vision

Footage captured in low-light settings, such as carparks or dark alleys, make most dash cameras struggle. When driving, parking, or idling, the THINKWARE Q800 Pro’s SUPER NIGHT VISION 2.0 uses Image Signal Processing (ISP) technology to record a crisp, visible video for when you really need it. Day or night!

Monitors Your Parked Vehicles – No more mysterious dents!

An exciting feature from THINKWARE is their ability to record movement when the vehicle is switched off. Furthermore, it offers energy saving parking recording which is ideal for long term parking such as when you’re on holiday.

These in-car cameras will sense any movement around the vehicle and automatically switch on and record the period before and after.  This all happens using built in smart power so you need not worry about battery consumption.

This type of protection is brilliant when you’ve parked on a busy street or in a car park and want to protect your vehicle from mysterious bumps and pedestrians scrapes and scratches.

Night vision with the QVIA Dash camera is technology at its best

Want the best dash camera system?

Tried and tested by Cartronics, we only fit the best dash cams into our customer’s vehicles. Long gone are the days where drivers can reverse into your car and get away with it. Now you can have eyes on your car at all times and easily protect your asset. Contact Us