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Fiat iPhone & iPod integration kit installations, Sat Nav and DVD. Parking sensor retrofits, air bag module repairs. Fiat factory radio, GPS repairs and refits. Come to Cartronics and find out how your iPod or iPhone should sound in a Fiat. You will get CD quality audio, steering wheel controls and song and artist info displayed right on your radio. Customers from across the UK bring their Fiat to Cartronics for quality ICE and AV installations while you wait.

Examples of our work

Fiat 500 with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

This Fiat 500 has now been fully updated with the latest technology, making longer journeys a proper treat. It's packed with navigation and communication tools via amazing Carplay and Auto Android systems. The customer can now make calls, send text messages, ask for directions and stream media without having to fiddle with their phone on the road. 

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