Immobilisers and Tracking Devices

It makes for scary reading, but on average, a car is stolen every 2 minutes in the UK, with many of those vehicles never returning to their rightful owners. Whilst good security can do so much to prevent your car falling victim to theft, if it does happen a tracking security device would mean you’re much more likely to see your vehicle again – and fast.

Your car means so much to you and should the worse happen you’ll know you’ve done all you can to ensure its safe return.

Here at Cartronics we can supply and fit insurance approved tracking security devices for your car. Cartronics are approved Thatcham CAT 5 (Category 5) and Thatcham CAT 6 (Category 6) installers and provide same day fitting of your tracking device so your vehicle is insured right away.

Cartronics supply and install tracking security devices from a number of brands, including Ghost, Scorpion and Cobra ranges; from 24hr secure monitoring, immobilisation and car location apps for your computer and smartphone – from a single vehicle to an entire fleet.

– Vehicle Battery & Tracker tamper alarm
– Low vehicle battery txt alert
– Live location pinging on demand via website and smart phone friendly website
– 3 Year Warranty
– European coverage
– 24hr Monitoring by specialist Stolen Vehicle Monitoring Team

Cobratrack, Stolen Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Services. CAT 5 and CAT 6 tracking devices, benefits include:

– Thatcham accreditation
– The latest GPS / GPRS / GSM technology
– 3 year warranty
– upgrade to a user friendly web application available

A recent case study and more information about Scorpion Fleet tracking can be found here

We specialise in seamless installation using quality components. This means fitting your new system while still leaving your car in its original condition. We can fit tracking security devices to all makes of car (and motorbikes as well), for peace of mind and a quality service contact Cartronics for a quote today.

Tracking Security devices case studies:

Jag XJ

Jaguar Model: XJ Installation of a CAT 5 insurance approved tracking system. We install all tracking systems, including Scorpion, Cobra & Tracker.