//Cartronics Now Shipping mObridge DA-3

Cartronics Now Shipping mObridge DA-3

Cartronics are now shipping the mObridge DA-3 (DA3) the latest optical conversion to allow 
Full audio upgrade via the cars original MOST radio/command/I-Drive system.  
With the DA3, the cars optical loop is converted to 8ch (use any amount) phone (RCA) outputs to allow any aftermarket amplifers fitted into the car and allow for a full audio upgrade.
The DA-3 has full DSP software setup capability's to allow any combinations and audio staging setups and fully adjustable with the easy to use software.
Cars include  Audi, BMW, Landrover, Mercedes , Porsche, Rangerover, & Volvo.
We also produce a special edition for the Aston Martin (DA-AM) to replace the Linn / Aston amp and allow full upgrade.  
Please call 01932 800 800 now for full details or buy here.
See case studies:
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