Honda installations including Apple CarPlay & Andoid Auto, parking sensor refits & airbag module repairs. Honda factory radio, GPS refits & repairs carried out on site in our Surrey workshops. Honda error lights diagnosed, repaired & tested. Customers from across the UK bring their Honda to Cartronics for upgrades, diagnostics and repairs.

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Examples of our work

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Honda Stepwagon Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB

Make: Honda

Model: Stepwagon

Mission: Retrofit Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB 

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Honda Civic 8th Gen Sony XAV-AX205DB

Make: Honda 

Model: Civic 8th Gen

Mission: Upgrade radio and navigation with Sony XAV-AX205DB


In this Honda Civic 8th Generation we replaced the standard radio with the latest Sony Apple CarPlay (inc. Android Auto) XAV-AX205DB.

We connected the original steering wheel controls, factory rear camera and installed a front camera into the Honda badge.

A great sounding system, that’s incredibly functional.

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Honda CRV Radio Upgrade Working with OEM Rear Camera

Make: Honda

Model: CRV

Mission: Install Pioneer AVIC 980DAB and integrated with OEM rear camera 


This customer wanted to upgrade their out of date entertainment system with the latest Pioneer double din AV unit. Not only did we install the new radio but we also integrated the AVIC 980DAB to the original factory rear camera for park assist. 

Some features of this upgrade were Bluetooth handsfree, Apple CarPlay, DAB/DAB+ Digital Radio, FM/AM Tuner, CD/DVD and media streaming. 


If you're looking to upgrade your Honda with a new entertainment system / radio / sat nav, you've got several options. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your options. 


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Sony XAV-AX100 Installation


Model: CRV

Mission: To update the old Honda Navigation with SONY XAV-AX100

This customer wanted to remove his very basic navigation system and install the latest upgraded SONY XAV-AX100. This beautiful double din radio from SONY has the latest Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (great for google maps) systems built in, for the most integrated smartphone experience available in any car environment.

If you have an Android or Apple phone get ready for the best car experience.


The Sony XAV-AX100 was installed into this Honda CRV. The new SONY radio was fully integrated with the Honda’s original (OEM) rear camera system, OEM USB socket, and steering wheel controls. The SONY radio can be controlled via Hondas original steering wheel controls including the phone hand up and pick up buttons.


The customer was very pleased and is now enjoying his new SONY touchscreen. Cartronics can install the new SONY XAVAX100 into most cars including Audi, BMW, Citroen, FORD, Honda, Land Rover, Lexus, Jaguar, Mazda, MINI, Mercedes, Porsche, Renault, Skoda, SEAT, Toyota, Volvo -- to name a few.


Buy the NEW SONY XAV-AX100 radio from our Amazon store here

OR if you would like the radio with a bespoke install kit for your car contact us here

OR if you'd like quote to supply and install contact us here

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Honda Elysion Pioneer Radio Navigation System Install

This Honda Elysion was imported from Japan and its radio used the wrong frequency for UK stations. The customer wanted a new radio and navigation system installed to be able to use the car to its full potential.

We installed a Pioneer radio and navigation system and fully integrated it into the Honda Elysion so that they could use their steering wheel buttons to control the system. Not only is this convenient, but it prevents distractions.

The end result looked very polished and the customer was very happy with their choice.

If you have a Honda Elysion and need a new radio, navigation system and CD player then please get in touch us for a quote.


Did you know that we can also diagnose and repair any Honda radio via our Honda Radio Repair Serivce? Don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more.


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Honda Civic Radio, Navigation & CD Repair

Make: Honda

Model: Civic 8th Gen

Mission: Repair faulty radio navigation/entertainment system


We repaired a Honda Civic 8th Gen Radio for a customer who came to us and said her radio, navigation system and CD was not working.

She originally went back to Honda who quoted her an extremely large bill of £4000. This was not in the budget so the customer found our radio repair service.

We quoted her and removed the unit and ran a full diagnostic on it via our specialised testing bench and found an alternative solution to fixing her broken Honda Radio (39540-TV0-E111-M1).

The customer was very happy to have her Honda Radio/Nav/CD system working again.


Part Number References:

Honda p/n: 39540-TV0-E111-M1

Ref. no: BD7D1PO


10R-03 0704


Did you know that we can fix any Honda radio and navigation system without replacing the entire unit? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and ask for a quote on your Honda radio repair.

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Honda Jazz Kenwood Radio Upgrade and Install

This customer was fed up of their out of date Honda radio and wanted to upgrade to Kenwood double din radio.

The main functionalities of this Honda Jazz installation were hands free Bluetooth and iPhone integration for playing music and podcasts. It also allowed for streaming of media via Bluetooth.

The Honda Jazz’s steering wheel allowed for full control via buttons to the infotainment system.

This customer’s original jazz radio was faulty and he decided to go for an upgrade, but please note, we can repair all Honda radios at a diagnostic level too.

Functionalities included hands free Bluetooth for making calls and for music control via an an iPhone. He could also plug in his iPhone directly to play music and podcasts too. 


Call on 01932 800800 or email sales@cartronics.co.uk for a quote on your Honda

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Honda Civic radio repair

Make : Honda
Model : Civic
Mission: Radio Repair

Cartronics GB (01932 800800) can repair all Honda Civic radios, CD, and / or navigation units . We have full test rigs to diagnose and test all repairs. We can also take out the units if required.

Call to book in the radio and / or car now 01932 800800 

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Honda S2000 Kenwood DAB radio and focal speaker upgrade

Make Honda
Model S2000
Mission: To install Audio Upgrade

This Honda S2000 had the latest Kenwood DAB radio installed, fully integrated with the dashboard radio controls. All the speakers were upgraded to keep the factory look .

Cartronics can upgrade any car with full audio and speaker upgrade options.

Call 01932 800800 to book your car in. 


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Honda Civic 8th Gen Pioneer Apple CarPlay with AndroidAuto

Mission: To install Double Din Pioneer Android Auto

This Honda Civic, 8th generation, had a new Pioneer Android Auto Pioneer double din umit installed, its fully packed and with the new Google system its awesome. The original cars steering wheel controls worked with the new unit including the phone button and the cars clock was retained (controls used to be on old radio). 

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Honda Civic radio repair

Make: Honda
Model Civic Mk8
Mission: Repair CIVIC Radio / Screen

If you have Honda Civic which has any fault on the radio system (we repair navigation and / or radio versions) then we can repair fast. We have a full bench test system for these units so all faults are observed, fixed and then tested. Common faults in these units are screens in the car going dim or fuzzy (unreadable) then we can repair these very fast. Also any CD issues, not playing or reading discs we can also repair.

So if you have a problem with your Honda radio and screen issues call us now. We can remove, and repair or you can the send unit in for repair only.

Call Cartronics on 01932 800800 

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Honda DVD navigation Repair

Make: Honda
Models: ALL
Mission: Repair Faulty Honda Navigation System

Cartronics offer a full in house repair service for all Honda radios and Navigation GPS Nav computers. Models include BN453P0 39540-SEA-G010-M1 made by Alpine.

We repair and test on a fully working bench test rig.

Please send us your unit or pop in today to have the unit removed for repair.

Most parts held in stock call 01932 800 800 for more information. 

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Honda Jazz window issues switch

Model: Jazz

If you have a Honda Jazz and your electric window or windows have stopped working we can help, Cartronics can diagnose and fix the problem usually within the day .

Drop your Honda Jazz in today for a quick fix. 

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Honda Civic Aux

Models: CIVIC (and all models)

If you have a Honda car like this Civic and would like to play your iPhone and or MP3 player Cartronics can help We can retrofit an iPod and /or AUX 3.5mm jack to allow full audio sound via Honda radio.

In addition we can add Bluetooth streaming to any Honda vehicle to allow full music playback . 

Call us today 01932 800 800

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Honda Jazz abs pump module repair

Mission : To fix error light on dashboard

We can diagnose any error light on your car which may be showing on your instrument cluster. Any light that is showing will now fail your next MOT, this Honda Jazz had an error code (and light) illuminated. We traced the fault to a faulty ABS pump and control module, we replaced the modules and coded them to the car, we then cleared the faults. The dashboard light has now disappeared.

Cartronics can diagnose any dashboard lights and repair any make of car. 

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Honda Insight repair navigation

Cartronics are proud to announce that we repair in house all Honda navigation systems, we have full test bench systems to locate and test systems. We can repair the Honda Insight Navigation system with the common problem “DVD Disc reading error please consult your dealer”. 

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Honda CRV Navigation Repair

MAKE: Honda




Cartronics repair “on site” all HONDA radios and navigation units. In this CRV the navigation had a read error on the screen and the navigation did not work. We took the unit out of the car and repaired the navigation unit the same day and re-installed.

The customer was very pleased as he was only without a radio for a few hours. 

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Honda radio and Navigation systems repaired in house



Model: CRV


We can now repair ALL HONDA radios and navigation systems in house. No sending units off and waiting for ages to get your unit back. We can repair the HONDA Civic built in dash radio 6CD systems within 48hrs for most common faults.

Call Cartronics 01932 800800

See the gallery below for some recent Honda radios we have repaired.


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