Install rear camera on a Bentley Continental GT

As of the beginning of 2008 all new Bentley's had the option from the factory of the reversing camera system, this leaves a lot of earlier Bentley owners without any option for the retrofitting of this system.

We have developed a package for all these customers.

Picture displays on the infotainment system Click to view Picture displays on the infotainment system
If you engage reverse gear the rear view camera will automatically intercept the infotainment system, and display the picture on the screen in full colour.
Keeps integrity of the car Click to view Keeps integrity of the car

The camera has IR LEDS built into it for the aid of using the system at low light levels, and night viewing.

The integrity of the car is kept in full, we can also colour code the camera to any Bentley colour choice (picture shows non-coded camera).


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