Lexus iphone and ipod integration kit installations, sat nav and DVD. Parking sensor retrofits, air bag module repairs. Lexus factory radio, GPS repairs and refits. Come to Cartronics and find out how your iPod or iPhone should sound in a Lexus. You will get CD quality audio, steering wheel controls and song and artist info displayed right on your radio. Lexus chip tuning? We do that too, impressive speed and power gains for your post 1998 Lexus. Customers from across the UK bring their Lexus to Cartronics for quality ICE and AV installations while you wait..


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Examples of our work

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Lexus RX450h mirroring kit

Make: Lexus

Model: RX450h

Mission: Install smartphone mirroring

This cu... read more

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Lexus SC430 Apple CarPlay Double Din

Make: Lexus

Model: SC430

Mission: Install and integrate Apple CarPlay 


This customer was in desperate need of a radio and navigation upgrade in their Lexus SC430.

We installed a double din Pioneer touchscreen that was customised to fit into the dashboard seamlessly. It looked great.

We integrated the new Apple CarPlay unit with the Lexus’s steering wheel controls and Mark Levinson amplifier.

Apple CarPlay allows you to enjoy all the great features of your iPhone whilst on the road. Have your text messages read out to you, make and receive phone calls, listen to music/podcasts/audio books and most impressively, use the Maps app to help you navigate the roads. 

Packed with features and incredibly easy to use, this is the perfect double din upgrade for any Lexus SC430.

Did you know that Cartronics also integrate Android Auto into Lexus cars with the same great results? 

If you want to learn more about your Lexus upgrade options, contact us for a consultation. 



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Lexus Toyota Test Rig for Faulty Radio Screen

Lexus / Toyota Test Rig

Cartronics have a Lexus / Toyota test rig at their workshop in Surrey, just outside London's M25. 

If you're experiencing any faults with your radio and screen, get in touch with one of our engineers. We can repair your unit and save you from buying a brand new one. 

Contact Cartronics 

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Lexus IS250 repair touch screen panel

Lexus IS250 + all models
Mission: To repair Lexus Touch Screen Unit

Cartronics can repair all Lexus IS250 and other models touch screen units (navigation). If you have a problem with no power, no control and or no response (or you have simply smashed the screen) please call us and we will book the radio in for repair.

Contact Cartronics here

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Lexus SC430 Pioneer double din

Make: Lexus 
Model:  SC430
Mission: To retrofit Pioneer Double Din Infotainment System
If you have a Lexus SC430 its now time to update your very old navigation and radio system. 
When we update the radio system with the latest offering from Pioneer we will fully integrate this with the cars steering wheel controls and Mark Levisnson amplifier. 
The new system will give you full touchscreen navigation with real-time traffic information and in addition have the following features: 
Digital Radio (DAB), iPhone,iPod,USB,Android,Bluetooth,Streaming,DVD,CD,SD and Apple's new CarPlay system.
The unit is fully loaded and will even mirror its video playback on the cars original screen.
The new system brings this classic car upto date with the latest technology, looks great and fully integrates into the cars systems. No messy DAB aerials stuck on the windscreen makes for a flawless install.

Have your SC430 updated today.

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Lexus radio repair

Make Lexus
Model GS450H
Mission: To retrofit repair the broken 6 CD changer

On many Lexus cars the built in 6 CD changers have many issues, from not reading the DVD or CD and / or not taking or ejecting the disc. Cartronics repair all Lexus audio / radio / CD units in house for a fast and reliable repair.(we also repair all Mark Levinson Radio 6 CD) 

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Lexus Case Study Lexus amp 2

LEXUS – All models
Problem – No sound, hissing , popping

Cartronics can repair all Mark Levinson amplifiers, these include 86280-0W470. Please send amplifier to us or bring car in for a diagnostics and removal of the amplifier for repair. 

Call us today on 01932 800 800 

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Lexus suspension fault

Lexus RX300
Mission: Dashboard Error suspension fault

If you have a LEXUS RX300 (or other RX models) and you get the dashboard message stating “Air suspension OFF” (this will blink), and if you have diagnostic codes stored; these may be C1735 C1739 C1713 or a combination off these, we can repair! The cars Hydraulic suspension will not be working whilst this fault is present.

Many Lexus dealers will just randomly replace very expensive parts on your vehicle, if you get the car to us we can diagnose, and repair the same day. 

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Lexus Radio

Lexus (all models)

Mission: To repair LEXUS 6CD changer

If you have a LEXUS with a built in 6 CD changer which has stopped working and Lexus dealer has quoted you for a new one stop, we can repair. We can repair most Lexus radio (6CD) on the same day. We carry vast amounts of spares for these units. Models include 86120-53090 as pictured.

Many Lexus dealers will just randomly replace very expensive parts on your vehicle, if you get the car to us we can diagnose, and repair the same day.

Call us on 01932 800 800

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Lexus amp repair

Lexus ALL MODELS Mission: Repair Mark Levinson Amplifier

If you have a Lexus with the Mark Levinson amplifier(amp) fitted which has started to go wrong, the symptoms you would expect to see include: 

  • No Sound
  • Thumping from speakers
  • No telephone or Sat Nav functionality
  • Loss of one or all channels
  • High pitched noise from speakers
  • Fuses blowing in main fuse box

You may get one or several of the above symptoms. We can remove and repair your amplifier and reinstall or you can simply send the amplifier in for repair. 

Call us today on 01932 800 800 to find out more

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Lexus DRL's

On this Lexus RX450 we retrofitted high quality DRL (day running lights), wired to EU/CE mark and they look just perfect.

Available for ALL Lexus models. Tags 

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Lexus RX400 ipod kit

Make Lexus
Model RX400H

This RX400 had the built in sat nav system, the customer wanted to add an adapter to play his iPhone via the built in touchscreen display.

The Vaistech iPod adapter allowed control and display of the iPhone menu via the Lexus screen. 

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Lexus RX400 Double Din Pioneer



Model RX400H RX450


Mission: To replace standard factory radio with Double din touchscreen navigation


The original Lexus radio had a fault, we can offer a service to repair the original lexus radios but customer decided on a new on. We removed the Lexus radio and installed a double din PIONEER sat nav touchscreen AVIC-940BT, this was fully integrated with the cars original steering wheel controls. We also wired the new unit into the car allowing for the “mark levinson” amplifiered (amp) system.

Looks great and works well with the Lexus controls. 

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Installation (retrofit) of Pioneer AVIC-F30 double din radio into Lexus RX400

Mission: Lexus RX400 remove original radio and install double din touchscreen.
Removed the original LEXUS RX400 6CD radio from car and installed the new Pioneer AVIC F30 touch screen navigation system, this was retrofitted into the car.
Importantly the cars original dash was kept in keeping, full connection to the cars original steering wheel controls (the Pioneer was fully controllable via Lexus steering wheel). And all the orginal speakers were kept original. The new unit boasts Radio/DVD/CD/MP3/Bluetooth/ipod & video iPOD with full APP control.


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