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Mission: Installation of the worlds best speed detection systems.


If you want the very best detection & protection system in the world look no further than the “Stinger Laser System”. Stinger - Card

With a multitude of industry-firsts and industry-only's, Stinger is the world's leading speed trap protection device. For instance, only Stinger offers a military grade radar antenna, only Stinger offers a real spectrum analyser, and only Stinger offers all-in-one speed trap protection against all the different kinds of speed traps: mobile and fixed radar speed traps, mobile and fixed laser speed traps, as well as both SPECS and Truvelo speed traps. And all that at the highest level.


Stinger offers two basic product options: The Stinger DSI Computer and the Stinger Card. Using the same radar and laser antenna's, both the Stinger DSI and the Card deliver the exact same high-end performance. Also, both the DSI and the Card are car computers that are user updateable, making them ready for future technology changes (like different kinds of speed traps) and product improvements. However, there are two differences between these two Stingers. One, the DSI offers the Mileage Logging functionality while the Card does not. And two, the DSI comes with a graphic display, while the credit card sized Card uses an LED-display.


The Card's incredibly sleek design makes it the smartest looking speed trap protection devide in the world.


Stealth, stand alone & quite simply the best!

The Stinger Card Click to view The Stinger Card
Card dashboard Click to view Card dashboard
Range Rover Steering Wheel Click to view Range Rover Steering Wheel
Range Rover Sport with stinger Detection System Click to view Range Rover Sport with stinger Detection System

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