Renault Apple CarPlay and Android Auto installs, rear camera retrofits, radio & audio upgrades with Bluetooth, iPhone & iPod integration, Renault disgnostics and re-programming, Come to Cartronics and find out why people from all over the region and the UK bring their Renault for specialist electrical disgnostics, repairs and upgardes.

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Renault Trafic Van with Apple CarPlay & Rear Cam

Make: Renault

Model: Trafic

Mission: To retrofit Apple CarPlay and navigation... read more

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Renault Trafic Screen Repair

Cartronics repair all Renault Trafic screens at our workshop in Surrey, just outside London. 

You can bring the vehicle to us or remove it yourself, and send it in via post. 

Our repair turnaround is extremely quick. 


Contact Cartronics about your Renault Screen Repair

Renault p/n  281152147R

Renault p/n LAN52000WR4

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Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Radio & Audio Upgrades

Make: Rolls-Royce

Model:  Silver Shadow

Mission: Upgrade to DAB radio and modern navigation system (stealth double DIN flip-out touch screen)


This customer specifically wanted a 2DIN screen, but did not want to ruin the classic aesthetic of the interior. Solution: the 7” Pioneer AVH-Z7000DAB.

It features both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Digital Radio (DAB/DAB+), AM/FM, Bluetooth, music streaming, handsfree calling, text messaging and Apple Maps / Google Maps / Waze. You can even utalise Spotify and YouTube.

In addition to this, we upgraded the speakers with high quality Hertz component speakers with an amplifier. We added a discrete subwoofer and tuned the system to create an amazing sound in this classic car. 

Please note that we hid the DAB aerial so there were no additional wires to be seen. This was a clean, unobtrusive installation – perfect for a classic car.


Contact us about your Rolls-Royce 

Do you have a Rolls-Royce Ghost, Wraith, Spirit, Cloud that needs an audio/radio upgrade?

Enquire by clicking here.

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Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead VIM TV and Digital Radio

Make: Rolls-Royce

Model: Phantom Drophead 

This customer wanted television and Digital Radio (DAB) fully integrated into their vehicle for use on the move.

The TV needed to work alongside the Rolls-Royce's original system and work seamlessly with the vehicle. We installed a VIM (Vehicle in Motion) to enable this function. 

In addition to this, we retrofitted a DAB (Digital Radio) to integrate with the original Rolls Royce System. 

Get in touch to learn more about upgrading your Rolls-Royce


Did you know that Cartronics can also install handsfree bluetooth for making calls efficiently and safely in your Rolls Royce without disrupting the aesthetic of the car? We also specialise in upgrading analogue TV to digital.

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Renault scenic retrofit rear camera

Renault Scenic Mission: To Retrofit Factory Rear Camera

On this Renault Scenic the customer wanted to install the factory rear camera system to work via the TomTom screen, we installed the unit and coded it to the car. One happy customer.

Please call us on 01932 800800 and we can do the same for you.

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Renault Megane Apple CarPlay

Renault Megane
Mission: To install the latest Apple CarPlay

This Megane had the latest Pioneer touchscreen APPLE carplay system installed. The latest Apple Car Play works with the latest Apple iPhones to give you the best integration possible. The system was integrated with the car's factory steering wheel controls including the phone buttons.

We also installed the correct double din Panel for the Renault Megane to make a perfect install.

 Please call now on 01932 800800 

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Rolls Royce Phantom Audio Repair

Rolls Royce Phantom
Mission: Audio Repair

On this Phantom we had issues with no sound and clipping from the speakers, we quickly diagnosed the fault/s with the DSP amplifier and the radio system. We removed both items and repaired them and reinstalled to get the car back on the road within 48hrs,

Cartronics can repair ANY unit from the Phantom please send the units to use or book car in for diagnostics. 

Call 01932 800 800 or email us


More Rolls Royce Case Studies 

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Rolls Royce Audio Upgrades

Rolls Royce Phantom
Mission: Audio and Visual Upgrade

On this Phantom we had a major audio and visual upgrade, we installed DAB (digital radio) to fully interface with the cars infotainment screen and optical system. We also installed rear DVD entertainment and screens into the cars headrests, the DVD picture can be piped into the front dashboard screen, and in addition a Digital TV was fitted and this could be piped into the front and / or the rear screens.

No FM modulators were used, all the sound and control was via the car fibre optics MOST ring for great sound quality. We also installed the latest ipod and iphone kit that was controlled via the original radio controls, and we finished off with the Bluetooth system to replace the old sim card based unit. This allowed full hands free and music streaming.

This car was now up-to-date with the latest technology. 

More Rolls Royce Case Studies 

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Rolls Royce Amplifier issue

Rolls Royce Phantom
Mission: Repair Audio System

If you have a Rolls Royce Phantom and you have issues with poor sound quality, no audio, some speakers making odd noises etc. then we can help.

Cartronics can diagnose the exact problem and fix to component level ALL units in the car. The DSP amplifier (fibre optics) the radio, the navigation computer are all repairable. We can also add iPOD control and or Bluetooth streaming or hands free to the Phantom.

We specialise in MOST optics and Rolls Royce Phantoms, all repairs done in house on site.

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Renault cabbass radio install

Make: Renault Model: Clio Mission : Install radio

On this Renault Clio it had the Advanced cabbass tuner under the drivers seat, we removed the original system and install a new Alpine radio with Bluetooth and iPhone capability. This was fully connected to the cars steering wheel controls for a perfect fit. 

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Renault Master VAN camera

MAKE: Renault


MODEL: Master 2011 2012 2013


The customers drove this van all over Europe and wanted to install cameras to cover his blind spots. We installed hidden cameras into the passenger door mirror to capture FRONT & SIDE views, in addition we installed a rear camera at the top for an overview when driving. In addition we installed a reversing camera that worked via the new Pioneer Navigation system we installed. This unit was fully integrated into the cars original steering wheel controls. The built in bluetooth system was aslo integrated into the steering wheel phone buttons. 

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Renault Megane



Model: Megane


Remap (ECU tune) plus ECU flash update. 

When we had this Renault in the workshop we noticed the factory ECU had very old software (firmware) installed, so we updated the ECU via Renault diagnostics (flashed).

Once this was up to date we reset the learning memory. Now the car was updated we read the ECU and tuned (remapped) the car to obtain more power, torque and drivability.

Release the power and fun now! 

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Full Alpine Amp install + Double din radio in Renault

This customer wanted a great sound system installed in their Renault Clio Trophy.


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