Stop Using Your Phone Without A Handsfree Bluetooth Kit


According to a Sky News survey, a third of motorists use their mobile phones while without a handsfree bluetooth kit installed. 


39% admitted to using their phone without a hands free bluetooth kit whilst in the car

50% said they had no used their phone in the car

11% preferred not to say… 


With options like like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto readily available, there's no excuse not to upgrade.

Apple CarPlay is the perfect solution for taking calls and texting whilst driving


Did you know…

If caught using a mobile phone whilst driving, you can expect a £200 fine and 6 penalty points (on your first offence). The punishment increases twofold for those caught multiple times. 



RAC road safety guru Pete Williams said this is becoming an epidemic. He states that:

     'Motorists risk a collision with potential fatal consequences which could change their life,              and the lives of others, forever.'



Cartronics are encouraging people to STOP USING THEIR PHONES WHILST DRIVING unless they have a hands-free bluetooth kit installed. 

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