Toyota Prius radio repair

Model: Prius
Mission: Repair CD radio System

If you have a faulty Toyota Prius radio or CD (and navigation) Cartronics can repair for you.

This Prius had the DEX-MG8367 86120-47230 radio CD changer system. We removed the faulty unit, repaired and replaced all in the same day. No down-time as the unit is required to use the heating controls.

Repair your Toyota unit today call Cartronics on 01932 800800 

CD changer Radio repair Toyota Prius. Click to view CD changer Radio repair Toyota Prius.
DEX-MG8367 86120-47230 radio repair. Click to view DEX-MG8367 86120-47230 radio repair.
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Repair Toyota Radio Prius. Click to view Repair Toyota Radio Prius.
Toyota Prius Radio Repair. Click to view Toyota Prius Radio Repair.

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