Unfortunately a lot of Audi A4 & A6 vehicals fitted with the Multitronic transmission/gearbox develop faults.


The initial signs often are the “PRNDS” light flashing on the dash when driving instead of just the “D” symbol. This fault usually starts out being fairly intermittent but will become more permanent with time.


When the “PRNDS” light comes on the gearbox will often go in to fail-safe mode and lose power. Other problems do eventually occur including losing gears, randomly selecting and sometimes unable to move the car forward at all.


Bring your Multitronic gearbox ECU for a re build to our workshop here
Or alternatively send the gearbox to us, call 01932 800800 or drop us an email for more information.


Cartronics GB have the technology, tools and ability to fully repair it for you, should your vehicle suffer from a Multitronic gearbox fault or if your gearbox needs a new control unit we can fully supply, install, code and basic set that for you.


In some instances it may be possible to repair your existing control unit, so give us a call on 01932 800800 for more information.