If you have tried to fit your car radio into your MINI and have no sound you probably have a HK (Harman Kardon) amplifer, Cartronics now sell the latest HKenablers (buy here).
The Original BMW radio has a special signal to turn on the Harmon Kardon amp, so when you put a new radio in the MINI (Pioneer Alpine Kenwood etc) you get no sound.
This adapter is plug and play and will give you the required signals to turn the amplifier on and control the built in DSP controls via the small button control.  

It comes in 3 stages: the basic stage 1 will turn the amplifer on and give sound and will give you FULL DSP control (fader / sound effects), Stage 2 will give you this PLUS steering wheel control adaption and this will also work with the phone button (the radio must have the appropriate input for this most do). And optional upgrade lead gives you low level input into the HK enabler, this gives correct volume control and better sound quality (can be used on either version).

Always in stock and ready to ship in 24 hrs! Buy now.