Project Description

BMW X5 (E70) & other models


Fault: Loss of power, engine light, DSC 4×4 error, loss of power steering


If you have a BMW X5 (E70) (also other models) and you have experienced these alarming fault read on. The faults will appear very randomly, not all the time and sometimes clear or stay present. 

The car will lose power (will not rev over 1500 rpm) the dashboard and I-Drive will light up with the following errors 'Service light visit workshop' 'DSC 4×4 error' plus other warnings can appear.


The power steering will be lost (the steering wheel becomes heavy) the engine revs may hunt up and down and the engine may fail to stay running fullstop.


This fault may not appear again for weeks, or appear the next day, its random and very alarming if you're driving at speed when it happens.


Error codes you would see stored would be 2CF8 Throttle valve potentiometer signal and / or 2CF9 Throttle valve potentiometer signal: and/or 2CFA Throttle valve potentiometer 2 signal. In some case DSC fault is logged 5F77 (DME invalid data) stored in DSC control unit. 

These faults are sporadic and usually not reproducible.


Visits to the BMW dealer may follow the pattern below:

£ First visit: “your car has some stored engine error codes (throttle body errors) we have cleared them and the car is running OK now, see how you get on”.


££ Second visit “the car had the same errors so we will replace your throttle body, that should fix it” 


£££ Third visit: “that’s odd, same fault, lets replace the whole of the engine bay wiring harness, sure that should fix it now” 


The above scenario is very common, apart from the financial outlay its just not very reassuring as this fault is very scary at any speed, loss of power steering on any vehicle let alone a 2 ton+ SUV is unacceptable.

Cartronics will repair this fault, first time without the hassle and expense of the main BMW dealership. We will locate the fault and repair the fault with the correct diagnostics – not pure guess work.

The repair will take just 4hrs, and you can be rest assured the fault will be fixed and you can safely and confidently drive your X5 without any further issues.

Contact Cartronics NOW, we will fix problem even if NOT present. Call 01932 800800 to make an appointment.