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Project Description

Make: Aston Martin
Model: All inc. DB9
Mission:  To repair Amplifier

On many of the Aston Martin's the Linn Amplifier (sometimes spelt Lynn by mistake!) fails and stops working. Faults include no sound, some sound and / or a strange noise from various speakers including the sub-woofers and / or midrange or full range speakers.

Cartronics can diagnose your Aston Martin audio system including the MOST optic systems; remove the faulty amplifier and repair / service your system so it's back to its former working self!

Cartronics can replace the Linn Amplifier (if required), we use a digital optic converter to still use the full digital system (i.e. we get the sound via the fibre optics into the new amplifier – no poor adapters of the speaker wires).

Get your Aston Martin's audio system back up and running

Project Details

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