Project Description

Make: Aston Martin

Model: Vantage Coupe

Mission: Upgrade classic Aston Martin with ‘stealth’ flip out touch screen, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, DAB radio & Bluetooth

This customer needed to upgrade their classic Aston Martin with the latest double din touch screen whilst keeping the original classic aesthetic in their car. They decided on a 1 DIN – 2 DIN flip out screen by Pioneer (Z7000DAB).

This Aston Martin owner now has Apple CarPlay, Auto Android, Digital DAB Radio as well as full Bluetooth capabilities so they could answer calls and stream media at a touch of a button. We did a four speaker upgrade from Hertz and an amplifier to create the best sound possible in this classic car. The customer also wanted a steering wheel control as it was not available during time of manufacturer. The solution: add a factory looking stalk control which controls the new radio.

They loved that they could easily connect their iPhone to the car, listen to a podcast and set up their navigation system without distraction. They can even select from Apple Maps, Google Maps and Waze, depending on preference.