Project Description

We installed the LUX angel eye replacement lights in this BMW X5. You can see for yourself the difference in brightness that these excellent LED replacement headight give to the BMW. And they look much better too! 

LUX H8 Angel eyes are the premium LED angel eyes for your BMW. They offer the highest brightness of any LED angel eye and a simple install process. LUX H8 is 100% plug and play requiring no cutting, drilling, or modifying your headlights. LED angel eyes are unique to halogen or xenon angel eyes because they are designed specifically to make both the inner and outer ring equal brightness while maximizing brightness
You can buy the LUX H8  angel eyes now from our online store.
The LUX H8 V3 uses a unique power supply that is over 98% efficiency and does not need a heat sink for cooling since it produces no heat
Please Note: the Angel eyes may flicker upon starting the car as a result of the CANBUS check system of the car.