Project Description

Make: Porsche
Model: All models including PCM 3 and PCM 3.1
Mission: Adding mObridge DA3 (DA-3) Most adapter

The customer wanted to upgrade his Porsche original audio system, the Porsche PCM units use optical cables (light) which is operated on the MOST protocol. The mObridge adapter converts the digital signal directly to 8ch (up to) RCA (phono) plugs to allow you to install your own choice of amplifiers in any Porsche.

The mObridge adapter is fully customisable via PC/MAC DSP software suite to allow full DSP set up with time alignment. The adapter makes for a perfect signal handoff from the Porsche audio system directly to the choice of amplifier and speakers.

You can purchase the DA 3 here, or give us a call on 01932 800 800 to arrange installation and or full audio upgrade we can also code the Porsche to allow DA3 to work.

The DA3 is available for many car marques including Audi BMW Landrover Mercedes Porsche Volvo and a special addition DAAM is available for Aston Martin.