Project Description

Rolls Royce Phantom
Mission: Audio and Visual Upgrade

On this Phantom we had a major audio and visual upgrade, we installed DAB (digital radio) to fully interface with the cars infotainment screen and optical system. We also installed rear DVD entertainment and screens into the cars headrests, the DVD picture can be piped into the front dashboard screen, and in addition a Digital TV was fitted and this could be piped into the front and / or the rear screens.

No FM modulators were used, all the sound and control was via the car fibre optics MOST ring for great sound quality. We also installed the latest ipod and iphone kit that was controlled via the original radio controls, and we finished off with the Bluetooth system to replace the old sim card based unit. This allowed full hands free and music streaming.

This car was now up-to-date with the latest technology. 

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