Project Description

Make Toyota
Model Rav4
Mission: The car had gearbox issues

On this Toyota Rav4 the customer had very bad changing on his gearbox, the car was changing harshly and missing gear changes. After visiting a main Toyota dealer and local mechanic he was offered a new gearbox for £2000 plus, luckily the customer did not take up the offer. He found us and we recommend he popped in and allowed 3-4 hours for us to diagnose and fix the car, we located the fault to the cars ECU unit, removed and repaired in house. We then refitted and reprogrammed the ECU to the car.

We save the customer the expense and hassle of finding out the previous diagnostics of a gearbox was 100% wrong, the customer drove away with a fully functioning car with smooth gear changes.

Either send in your ECU or drop by with the car for a fast fix and turnaround. Cartronics offer full electronic servicing for all Toyota cars, and have full Toyota car diagnostic systems. Same day service available.