Cartronics GB have now been appointed Authorised resellers for BMW Lux angel eyes.

BMW angel eyes buy online

If you have the BMW yellow angel eye lights these high quality kits will make the angel lights bright white for a much better look. These kits do not suffer from uneven light distribution, poor light brightness, errors on BMW diagnostic systems and NO FM interference. They may be more expensive than cheap EBAY versions but these lights are the best you can possibly fit to your BMW. These  LUX ANGEL EYES are IN stock and sold from the UK for shipment to any EUROPEAN country.
Check out the LUX angel eyes projects on our examples pages.

Angel eyes installation for your BMW

We can also install and program your car for DRL if you wish, DRL coding will enable ANGEL EYES to switch on regardless of Light switch position & auto dim when headlamps are switched on.

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LUX Angel Eyes are the premium LED angel eye solution for your BMW

They offer the highest brightness of any LED angel eye with a simple install process. LUX H8 is 100% plug and play requiring no cutting, drilling, or modifying your headlights. LED angel eyes are unique to halogen or xenon angel eyes because they are designed specifically to make both the inner and outer ring equal brightness while maximizing brightness. LUX has been designing Angel eyes for over 4 years and continues to utilize the best and newest components to make the highest quality products.