The mObridge DA2 is now compatible with the latest Mercedes NTG2.5,  NTG4.0 and NTG4.5 systems from the 1.5.7 software onwards, this preamplifier unit will enable you to use an aftermarket audio amplifier.

This will enable the audio signal from the Mercedes MOST (optical systems) to be sent directly to the mObridge DA2 pre-amplifier and it will then be converted to multiple outputs (RCA connections). This allows for a perfect audio transition, full control and no loss of quality. 

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In addition, m0bridge are currently working on the new BMW F Series platforms and we expect the release of a pre-amplifier DA1 / DA2 for all the new range of BMW's to allow full audio upgrade via the MOST system (fibre optics). Will upgrade your sound system with no audio loss, it will be a must for any amplifier upgrades.