MINI Repair Service

MINI Repairs, Diagnostics and Retrofits

Cartronics diagnose, repair and retrofit MINI vehicles at our specialist workshop in Surrey, just outside of London’s M25.

We use the latest diagnostic equipment and  years of engineering experience to accurately identify the problem with your MINI without blindly fitting parts or guessing.

  • Faulty / Dead Sat-Nav
  • Faulty / Dead LCD Screens
  • DVD CD Drive Jamming / Making Noises / Slow Loading
  • Warning Lights Diagnostics and Clearing
  • Retrofits (heated seats, Bluetooth, Driving Modes, Rear Cameras, DAB Radio)
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Common MINI Faults – FAQ’s

My new radio doesn’t work in my MINI

If your new radio doesn’t work in your MINI, your Harman Kardon system is likely to blame. Learn more about the solution here.

My MINI CCC Sat Nav DVD has a READ ERROR failure.

If your MINI CCC DVD navigation system has any of the following symptoms, we can repair it:

  • Discs are not being read properly
  • Navigation takes a long time to load
  • DVD drive is noisy
  • Displaying DVD READ ERROR
  • Slow loading time
  • Taking too long to eject

If you are experiencing any of these issues, contact us.

My MINI LCD Screen is faulty. Can I repair or replace it?

Is your MINI screen having issues such as:

  • LCD screen bleeding / fading?
  • spots appearing on LCD screen?
  • LCD screen going black?

These are common issues with the F55 F56 F57 MINI’s from 2013 onwards and are very frustrating for owners.

We are able to fix this issue without having to buy a brand new unit with our repair service. Get in contact with us here and we will explain the process.


My MINI Sat Nav DVD is broken. Can I repair it?

If you have a MINI sat-nav / DVD player not reading discs correctly or taking a long time to load the navigation, we can fix it.

A common error message includes “DVD READ ERROR” with a loud sound coming from the DVD drive.

Contact us here to have this MINI fault repaired.

My MINI Cooper Boost CD mechanism is broken and jammed. Can I fix it?

Yes! If your MINI Cooper CD mechanism isn’t working properly, it’s likely broken and jammed. If you have an R55 R56 and R60 MINI, contact us here and we can advise you on the process.

My MINI Cooper menu button is not working?

Is your menu button not working on your MINI Boost system R55 R56 R60? Are the buttons faulty or is the CD radio buttons not responding as they should? Perhaps the power / telephone button isn’t powering on and is just dead?

Don’t worry! We can fix this fault. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll run you through the process.

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