Scorpion Track Car Tracking System

24/7 Monitoring

If your vehicle is stolen, Scorpion can work with the police to recover your vehicle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their trackers are truly global, meaning they can be tracked almost anywhere in the world. If your vehicle is towed or moved with the ignition then then the Scorpion tracker will alert you and their control room meaning fast recovery.

Key Cloning Protection

The S5 system comes with a driver tag that protects against key theft and cloning. If the engine is started the driver tag is not present then the Scorpion monitoring team will be alerted so they can confirm the theft and start the recovery of the vehicle.

Automatic Immobilisation

If a thief tries to start the vehicle without the driver tag present then the engine will be immobilised and the vehicle will not start.

Scorpion S7-ALS Tracker

Actively protects your vehicle against unauthorised movement.

  • 24/7/365 Theft Monitoring by a dedicated UK based Monitoring Team
  • 4G Enabled for superior tracking abilities
  • Tow Away Alerts
  • Thatcham Insurance Approved
  • Made In Britain

Scorpion S5 / S5+ Tracker

The ScorpionTrack DRIVER S5 and S5+ does everything that the S7-ALS does but with the addition of:

  • Key Cloning Protection (S5 and S5+)
  • Automatic Immobilisation (S5+)

ScorpionTrack DRIVER S5  responds to all known methods of vehicle theft including techniques used by the modern day thief such as ‘relay theft’, ‘key cloning’ or various means in which the vehicles’ on-board computer is hacked.

Not only that, but the ScorpionTrack mobile app also gives you access to advanced features including multiple alert types, privacy mode, “find my vehicle”, transport mode, and account management.

Scorpion X-Series Immobiliser

An instant vehicle immobiliser that disarms via custom PIN code.

Open your vehicle as normal and enter your unique and changeable PIN at any point button press sequence into the existing vehicle controls and your car starts as normal. Thieves use specialist key cloning and key coding devices to steal vehicles making any keyless vehicle very vulnerable and can be taken in 30 seconds or less.

Scorpion X combats this with the latest technology and is uniquely coded to your vehicle and can be removed and refitted to your next purchase.

Key Relay Defence


The X-Series prevents Key Relay theft where a criminal picks up the signal from your car key and uses a transmitter to make your car believe the key is present, opening the car and allowing the thief to start it.

Personal Security

Personal Security

The X-series uses a combination of buttons and switches in your car to enable/disable the immobiliser. You can choose any combination of buttons making it unique to yourself and your car.

High Level Protection

High Level Protection

There is no need to remember to reactivate the system once you have completed your journey, once the vehicle has been turned off the system will automatically activate and start protecting the vehicle.


What does a car tracking system do & how does it work?

ScorpionTrack helps you recover your stolen vehicle and monitors your car’s exact location (roaming and static) using GPS technology and hidden movement detection sensors.

How does a car tracker notify me of a breach?

Any unauthorised movement of your vehicle will be discretely reported to Scorpion’s international control centre. This vehicle tracking and recovery product is made with the best GPS and GSM technology available on the market.

What kind of data is ScorpionTrack able to provide?

Data such as speed, direction, ignition state, battery condition and location details can be sent direct to the police control room in event of theft.

Is car theft a common occurence?

Key theft is becoming a serious problem in the UK and Europe. More worryingly, stealing cars by hacking into the car’s electrical system and bypassing the immobilisers is becoming far easier.

Car Tracking Systems - Installers

My car was stolen. Now what?

Well, as long as you have a car tracking system like ScorpionTrack installed, an operator will arrange the return of the vehicle to your requested location without hassle.

Is it worth getting a car tracking system like Ghost ScorpionTrack installed?

The British Crime Survey (BCS) have reported that 1.89 million vehicle thefts were recorded in 2010-11

Your car is actually 10x safer from theft if fitted with a security device like ScorpionTrack

Over 2,700 cars are stolen EVERY DAY throughout Europe

Most stolen cars are never recovered and it is important to note that violent car theft is increasingly on the rise in UK and Europe

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