Scorpion Track Car Tracking System
Scorpion track insurance approved cat 5 tracking

Is it worth getting a car tracking system like ScorpionTrack installed?

The British Crime Survey (BCS) have reported that 1.89 million vehicle thefts were recorded in 2010-11

Your car is actually 10x safer from theft if fitted with a security device like ScorpionTrack

Over 2,700 cars are stolen EVERY DAY throughout Europe

Most stolen cars are never recovered and it is important to note that violent car theft is increasingly on the rise in UK and Europe


What does a car tracking system do & how does it work?

ScorpionTrack helps you recover your stolen vehicle and monitors your car’s exact location (roaming and static) using GPS technology and hidden movement detection sensors.

How does ScorpionTrack notify me of a breach?

Any unauthorised movement of your vehicle will be discretely reported to Scorpion’s international control centre. This vehicle tracking and recovery product is made with the best GPS and GSM technology available on the market.

What kind of data is ScorpionTrack able to provide?

Data such as speed, direction, ignition state, battery condition and location details can be sent direct to the police control room in event of theft.

Is car theft a common occurence?

Key theft is becoming a serious problem in the UK and Europe. More worryingly, stealing cars by hacking into the car’s electrical system and bypassing the immobilisers is becoming far easier.

Car Tracking Systems - Installers

My car was stolen. Now what?

Well, as long as you have a car tracking system like ScorpionTrack installed, an operator will arrange the return of the vehicle to your requested location without hassle.

Car Insurance Companies | What is CAT 5 & CAT 6?

CAT 5 and CAT 6 tracking systems are sometimes required by insurance companies.

To summarise, CAT 5 tends to be for expensive cars and their nervous insurance companies.

The cost of a CAT 5 such as ScorpionTrack 5 tends to be more expensive for the consumer – but protection is greater.

CAT 6 is less secure, but more than adequate for most insurance companies and personal end user protection.

Cartronics Engineers can fit CAT 5 and CAT 6 tracking systems within 24hrs. We appreciate that insurance companies may have excluded cover for theft until a tracking system is fitted.

Cartronics are Scorpion Automotive and CobraTrak (Vodafone Automotive).

ScorpionTrack FEATURES ScorpionTrack  CAT6 ScorpionTrack CAT5
GPS accurate to within 1 metres
European coverage included as standard
Tow-away alert
Tamper alert
Low vehicle battery text alert
Location on demand via the internet or smartphone
24/7/365 monitoring
Thatcham & Insurance Company approved
28 day health check
Transferable from one vehicle to another
Online paperless registration
3 year warranty
Suitable for 12 volt or 24 volt vehicles
Flexible Subscription Options
Waterproof application available for plant. agricultural and marine vehicles
Remote Stater Lock
2 x Driver Recognition Cards [up to 10 per vehicle]
Driver Recognition Card low battery alerts
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