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BMW Speed Limit Information Retrofit Option 8TH

Cartronics can retrofit SLI (Speed Limit Information) into your BMW so you can maintain the legal speed limit with ease. This retrofit will display an image of the speed limit sign on your car's instrument cluster in front of the steering wheel. BMW Option Code 8TH.


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Enjoy Apple CarPlay & Android Auto with the Sony XAV-AX100

The Sony XAV-AX100 is available at Cartronics. 

The double din screen connects with your Apple iPhone or Android device and you can use voice control as you drive.

You can even customise your sound your way with a built in 4 x 55w amplification for clear and dynamic sound. It's large, clear touchscreen gives the user intuitive control so you can utilise all the features of your smartphone with ease.


Bentley Expertise in Retrofitting | TV | DVD | Bluetooth | DAB

Recently, we fitted a TV, Digital DAB Radio, a DVD player and handsfree Bluetooth system into a customer's Becntley. Not only did it perform brilliantly, it looks flawless. Check it out. 


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