If your BMW 3 Series (E90, E92, E93) radio and speakers are sounding bad or not working, it's time for an upgrade to a hi-res audio content with crystal clear sound. We can even custom fit the speakers in your door via a custom build. 

The Sony RSX-GS9 is a high-resolution audio capable, in car media receiver that we can hook up your iPhone and Android devices. You can stream your library of MP3's and it'll upscale your music to hi-res audio quality. Not only does it sound perfect, it looks beautifully minamlistic and classy, especially in classic cars.

Upgrade BMW radio and speakers to the Sony RSX-GS9 for hi-res audio with crystal clear sound.


BMW Speaker Upgrade with Sony RSX-GS9


Click here for a full case study on this BMW upgrade


The Sony Hi-Res collection includes: 

Hi-Resolution Audio Head Unit (RSX-GS9)

Mono Power Amlifier (XM-GS100)

Hi-Resolution Audio Amplifier (CM-GS4)

2way Component Speaker System (XS-GS1621C)

Hi-Resolution Audio Super Tweeter (XS-GS1)

Subwoofer (XS-GSW121D)