Back to all news 04-11-2014 - OBD key programming thefts - Your Car is in Danger!

Thieves have found a new way to steal ANY new car including BMW, Mercedes and Landrover -
2014 models included - No car is safe and it only takes 2 minutes - regardless of security installed.

Watch this film to see how easy it is.

Catronics can protect your car from being a victim of this new style of theft: the thieves get a blank key and quite simply programme your car to this new car key.

We would suggest two methods to stop this attack, this would be a must for most car owners.

Do not think this will not happen - it's happening all around you.

Prices start from just £169, to give your car another layer of protection from this method of attack - we can also add a tracking system if you would like 'belt and braces' security.

Protect your car, call 01932 800 800 & get booked in today

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