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Examples of our work

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Mazda MX5 Pioneer SPH DA130DAB Upgrade

Make: Mazda

Model: MX5

Mission: Upgrade radio and entertainment system <... read more

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Mazda Mitsuoka Himiko Parking Sensors

Make: Mazda

Model: Mitsuoka Himiko

Mission: Install and integrate parking / reversing sensors 


This Mazda Mitsuoka Himiko owner wanted parking sensors to make reversing into spaces a breeze. We carefully integrated the parking sensors into the vehicle, ensuring they were discrete and colour matched. 

Cartronics are Mazda specialists located in Surrey, just outside London's M25. We can repair, retrofit and install. 

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Mazda 3 Radio Repair

Make: Mazda

Model: 3

Mission: Repair Mazda Navigation and Radio

This customer had a faulty Mazda radio navigation that simply did not work.

Instead of replacing the entire system we removed the radio, CD Player, ran full diagnostics and bench tested the unit before reinstalling back to factor spec.

Our service puts the unit back as though it was brand new (and for much less than the cost of a new unit).

We can repair all Mazda radios and CD players, including those for Mazda 5’s, 3’s 6’s and 8’s.

Did you know that we also offer the option to install and upgrade to double din in your Mazda.

Just call or email us for more information or a quote

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Mazda Bose Amp Repair Service

Make : Mazda
Model : 3
Mission: Repair BOSE amplifier

The Mazda 3 has a very common issue which stops all the car speakers from working (no sound) or part sound . Sometimes you get a clipping noise or random loud bangs from the speaker. We can remove the amplifier and repair or you're welcome to post the amp to us for a quote and repair service. The amplifier is marked with KU060 BBM466A20 (some other variants). 

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Mazda mx5 program key

Mazda MX5 Mission: Supply and program new remote key

This Mazda 5 was in need of a new spare remote key, Cartronics supplied and coded the new key.

We can supply new keys to all Mazda’s including Japanese import vehicles. 

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Mazda MX5 radio upgrade

Mission: to upgrade the audio system on this Mazda MX-5. The original system was very poor, we removed the factory speakers and mounted large 8” drivers in the front doors. We powered these using Alpine amplifiers and the metallic doors were fitted with sound deadening panels. Sounded great ! 

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Mazda MX5

On this Mazda MX5 we replaced the lost Cobra remote keys.

If you have an old Cobra alarm system and you have lost BOTH keys, you normally need a PIN number to program new keys to the alarm & immobiliser.  However if the PIN code is not available and all stickers are removed from the car do not despair. We at Cartronics can read the PIN number from you COBRA alarm & or immobiliser system and with this, program new keys for you.  

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Mazda 6 aux enable iPod or MP3 player

The customer wanted to add an MP3 player 3.5mm jack to the original Mazda Radio in their Mazda 6, we enabled the MEDIA button to activate and then installed a 3.5mm jack system.

Now the customer can play his iPod or MP3 player in his Mazda .

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Mazda 3 Cruise control

We retrofitted cruise control to this Mazda 3, the kit installed looks very factory.




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