The Freedom Laser LED

This option uses a discrete LED that integrates into the vehicle at the driver’s preference, usually in the dashboard or speed cluster.

The LED will light up in a clear sequence to warn the driver of upcoming speed camera traps to allow the correct speed maintenance. 

The small Laser Square receives any incoming laser signal whilst the fiber transmitter at only 2.6mm, blocks the signal in an instant.  

Kit price starts from £749

Discrete Option

    Best Speed Camera Detectors    

(Code: P-LFL-20)


The Freedom Laser Strip 

The Freedom Strip from Stinger provides clear visual information and feedback whilst staying extremely discrete. 

This is essentially the Freedom LED kit (above) but with some additional features.

The Freedom Strip interface replaces the LED with a sleek and modern design that contains a smooth, 3 touch-button interface area. The Freedom Laser Strip is very easy to use and alerts the driver by producing colour coded lights at its edge.

At only 50mm wide and 5mm thick, it’s just the right size to alert the to driver without being obnoxious.

This also includes an add-on speaker to work along side the visual alerts, for those who want an audible spoken warning and menu options. Using the interface is a breeze. 

Kit price starts from £899


Visual Option 

Stinger Laser Freedom Strip - Speed Camera Jammer

(Code: S-LFL-Strip-20)



   The Stinger VIP GPS Laser  

If you are looking for the best in GPS camera detection and laser shield technology, The Stinger VIP GPS (with V-20) is the ultimate protection for your driving license. 

Unlike the Freedom Laser, it contains a frequently updated database for fixed cameras in addition to a full laser shield and jamming technology.

Size wise, it boasts thin, credit card-like dimensions and an easy to use touch colour touch screen, whilst having some advanced options for those who love their tech.

It has dynamic sensitivity that provides protection against surprise speed traps and special alerts for Short Pulse, POP and Trick Trigger radar guns that are becoming more popular on UK and European roads. 

This is the probably the most expensive speed camera detector you can get for your super car - and trust us, it's well worth it.

Kit price starts from £1995

Tech Option 

  Stinger VIP GPS Only vs Freedom Laser   

(Code: P-VG-12)


Installation & Integration

If you think that the Stinger Freedom Laser or VIP GPS is the right fit for you, please get in touch with us for a consultation. We can integrate and install any speed camera detector and laser shield into your vehicle with seamless precision. 

We offer discrete installation to factory standards. Our technicians are highly qualified and your vehicle will be well looked after in our professional workshop. 

We work on all car marques, including Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche and VW.

You can call us directly on 01932 800 800 or use our contact form. Or, pop into us in our fully equipped workshop in Surrey, just outside London's M25. Our details can be found here.

Visit our online store Car Audio Express to buy Stinger products if you wish to fit yourself

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Package Contents Comparison

Freedom Laser LED


Freedom Laser Strip


VIP GPS With Laser

P-VG-12 + S-LF-20-LSF

Laser Receiver Square Laser Receiver Square             Computer Center
Laser Transmitter Fiber Laser Transmitter Fiber       Display VIP
Metal Strip Metal Strip Display Holder VIP
Freedom Laser Center Freedom Laser Center   GPS Antenna
Power Cable USB Cable USB Key
GPS Antenna Power Cable USB Cable
USB Key GPS Antenna Speaker
USB Cable USB Key Mounting Kit
Freedom Laser LED Interface     Freedom Laser Strip   Power Cable 
  Speaker I/0 Cable
    Laser Analyzer Box
    Laser Receiver Square
    Laser Transmitter Fiber
    Metal Strip
    Extension Cable (2m)


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