///Ferrari installation of STINGER DSI camera detector system
Ferrari installation of STINGER DSI camera detector system2018-10-29T17:32:36+00:00

Project Description

Customer wanted to install the very best camera detector system in the world, so we decided on the STINGER DSi system.  The sytem detects &  keeps you safe with Lasersheild.  See website http://www.stinger.com/index.php?sec=index&lang=en for full details.


Fifth Gear quoted “The Rolls-Royce of camera detectors”.


No other system gives you a stealth installation & full proctection.
If you have points and now have no more room for error, this is the system for you.


Looks great and works well, another happy customer.


Other Stinger installations include:


Stinger system in a  Ferrari California


Stinger system in a Range Rover Sport


Stinger system in a Audi R8


Project Details



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