Project Description

Make: Aston Martin
Model: ALL including DB9
Mission : To replace Linn Amplifier

On many of the Aston Martins the Linn (sometimes misspelt lynn) fails and stops working. Faults include no sound, and / or strange noises and various speakers including the sub woofer(s) and or midrange /full range speakers.

Cartronics can diagnose the fault, remove the amplifier and replace. We would remove the Linn Amplifier, and use a convertor to change the MOST optic system to RCA-outputs, this enables you to install a new modern day (and reliable) amplifier of your choice. No sound quality is lost as it’s a digital DSP conversion.

We are specialist in MOST fibre optic systems as used in the DB9 etc. Get you Aston Martin audio/radio back up and running, we can also repair the amplifier if needed (see case study here).