Project Description

Make: Audi Model: A8 Mission: to diagnose and repair “no sound” on MMi audio system

This A8 came to us with no sound from any source (radio/CD etc), the MMi had full control and display of the information – just no sound. We traced the fault to the BOSE amplifier which is connected to the cars MOST system. We replaced the faulty amplifier with a NEW part, uploaded new software to the amp and the coded it to the car. 

On all Audi's (or any VAG car) if you replace parts they go into system protection mode. This may present itself in different ways, i.e. on the amplifier “ONE speaker was not working” this is desgined to stop people using stolen parts. Once the above was done we removed the security protection (we can do this for most modules) and the system was running perfectly.

Also these Audi A8s have issues with NO picture , or MMi screen we can FULLY diagnose and repair this fault as well.