Project Description

Make: Porsche

Model: 928 / 968

Mission: Customer wanted to upgrade the old radio and speakers.


This lovely Porsche 928 / 928 had the original factory radio and speakers, our first job was to replace the radio with a Pioneer unit that handleBluetoothth for hands free calling, and an iPhone data connector to play back music via radio. The original speakers are made of paper and had failed many years ago, we removed the original speakers and upgraded to a high quality FOCAL speaker system (keeping the original grilles and originality).

The rear speakers were also replaced with high quality FOCAL speakers, these are a little more tricky as you have to remove the side windows to access the speaker! We removed the windows, replaced the speakers and fully tested the sound system (always best) before we replaced the windows. The customer is due back to add an amplifier at a later date. Looks great, all original and sounds lovely.