Project Description

The customer wanted us to retrofit a Pioneer Touch Screen Navigation system to his BMW 3 Series.The Pioneer AVIC-F940BT has great features including Nav / USB / iPhone App mode / iPod / Bluetooth and much more.  Read the questions the customer had and our answers:

Q. Will my car have any issues with BMW servicing if I remove my original radio?
A. The answer would be yes if the radio is removed BUT we program the car to ignore that the radio is missing so any BMW visits will be pain free.

Q. What happens to my control buttons for Parking sensors and heated seats?
A. These buttons are relocated to the ashtray area (see picture).

Q. Will my parking sensors & instrument clusters gongs (audible warnings) continue to work after the BMW radio is removed?
A. Yes they will, we fully understand the BMW systems and re-program the car to allow for all the changes, this keeps ALL functions working as they should.

Q. Will my steering wheel controls work with the new radio and that includes my phone button?
A. Yes, and most definitely the phone button!