Project Description

Manufacturer: VW

Model: Phaeton

Mission: Repair factory original radio navigation


This customer came in rather distraught to the fact that his Phaeton vehicle radio infotainment system has failed. The Phaeton radio is part of the original cars LCD computer which controls all car functions including radio, navigation, CD (to name a few).


When one part fails; they all fail!


VW quoted the customer a ridiculous amount of money (£3,000-£4000) to replace the original system.

We removed the main control unit, quoted the customer for a repair and then reinstalled the repaired unit within 3-4 days.

We have a full bench test rig, to enable us to run full diagnostics without the vehicle which enables us to repair without inconveniencing our customers.

You’re welcome to send the VW Phaeton unit to us via post, or bring the vehicle to us for us to remove and repair.


For reference, the manufacturer of these units is Continental and Siemens – VDO.

All units are repairable so don’t hesitate to get in touch. 


Call on 01932 800800 or email for a repair quote