Project Description

VW ALL models including Golf, Polo and Passat

Problem: Battery drain due to radio upgrade

It’s a known issue when replacing an older VW with a newer VW radio or navigation (RNS or RCD etc.) that the car then creates a battery drain. The battery drain will soon kill the battery, usually within a few days, the problem lies with the car being to old for the new radio (later software and model) which you have just installed.

One way around this is to replace the cars main gateway module ( 19, also called central electronics module or can gateway), this is very expensive and requires coding to the car.

Cartronics can offer a full software update (flash) to your existing control module, this will be far more economical, and the whole process takes no more than 2hrs to complete.

If you have a VW with a battery drain since fitting a new radio or navigation then call us now on 01932 800 800 to book the car in.